Get more than We Want Any Car

How selling your car with Wizzle works.

  1. Create your free car listing
  2. Compare multiple offers from competing buyers
  3. Choose the best offer
  4. Receive full payment and free home collection
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Why do we want any car?

Well, it's simple we have over 3000 dealers and professional buyers around the UK on our platform who are always looking for used cars to help stock their businesses.
We have buyers in all areas of the used car market from large car supermarkets, main and franchised dealerships to small lots and sole traders.
Some of our buyers want any car then we have others that specialize in particular manufacturers like BMW, AUDI, FORD, and some dealers only deal in certain vehicle types like prestige, sports cars or 4x4s.
Because we have so many dealers covering all aspects of the used car market we want any car that we can find for our buyers, as long as you are the current owner we have a buyer somewhere for it.

We want any car Today!

So why wait, we can give you an instant price for your car today as well as advertising your vehicle details to our network of professional buyers who are looking for your type of car.
We will work on your behalf and try to find buyers who are likely to be interested in your vehicle. During the time your listing is live with us, we will liaise with you about any questions the dealers may have. We intend to get you the best price for your car.
You won't need to leave your home or drop your car off anywhere because the winning buyer will come to you.
So let us help you sell your car today for Free with No Fees!

  • Over 3,000 Dealers
    A huge network of dealers ready to buy your car.
  • Compare Multiple Offers
    So you can Sell Your Car for the best price.
  • Fast payment
    Quick and easy transactions.
  • Totally Free No fees
    Admin fees? Not for us thanks.
  • Enjoy the experience
    None of the usual hassle. Wizzle puts you in control.