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Steps involved to sell your car
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So you can Sell Your Car for the best price.

Over 3,000 Dealers

A huge network of dealers ready to buy your car.

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None of the usual hassle. Wizzle puts you in control.

Totally Free, No Fees

Admin fees? Not for us thanks.

More Car Buyers, More Offers

Wizzle means you get more car buyers.

Wizzle puts your car in front of 1,000’s of car buyers in the UK, who are desperately looking to buy cars like yours. Having so many different companies bid to buy your car means you can get more offers. Find out how much dealers will buy your car for.

Starting the simple process, we’ll show you how to take the best photos of your car. Then we’ll help you choose the best statements about it’s condition. With good photos, we’ll show off your car to thousands of car buying companies in the UK. We want to help you find a good deal: someone who wants to buy your car for cash.

Our special matching system will alert car buyers looking for cars like yours. No matter where you live in the UK, we can connect you to dealers ready to buy your car for the best price. You don’t have to accept any car buying offers. But, if you do, the winning company will collect it for free and buy your car straight away. Wizzle gives you access to a huge network of car buyers in an easy to use system.

Car buying the right way:

  1. We don’t use automated prices to buy your car. Instead, we show off your car to car buyers and dealers. We think this is better than using traditional online car buying companies when you want to sell your car. We match the best dealers and car buyers to your car. They’ll study your photos and look at the condition and specification, then they’ll offer you their best price. This is how you can get more offers from car buyers. All you need to do is pick the best one. This is how Wizzle can get you a great price for your car – better than automated price.
  2. Get more money by cutting out the middleman. Big online car buying companies don’t always offer the best prices. Once you let companies like this buy your car, they’ll pass it on to another company. A car auction will often end up buying it from the online car buying company. Once it’s gone to the car auction, car dealers will buy your car from the car auction. With so many fingers in the pie, a lot of people get bad prices for their car. Wizzle avoids this whole process and helps you get more. Bypass the middlemen and get the car dealer to buy your car directly.
  3. Wizzle is free. When someone buys your car with Wizzle, we don’t ask you to pay any fees (which most other online car buying companies do). Admin fees like this can quickly spiral out of control, and mean that you get less for your car. Wizzle is always free to use.
  4. Lots of offers – just pick the best. A network of car dealers and car buyers around the UK can offer to buy your car with Wizzle. Broadcasting your car details to so many companies means you can get the best price for your car. Car prices often fluctuate from one place to another. But with Wizzle, you can get the best offers from around the UK.