How to sell your car online

How selling your car with Wizzle works.

  1. To sell your car online first create your free advert
  2. Compare multiple offers from competing buyers
  3. Choose the best offer
  4. Receive full payment and free home collection
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Selling your car online with Wizzle

So the time has come, and you are thinking about selling your car? Well, there are three options for you to choose from:

  1. Selling your car privately.

    A popular method is to use websites like or, local ads or just putting a for sale sign in the window of your car. You can get a great deal for your car this way as long as you consider a few things.

    • You'll likely need to pay for an advert.
    • You may need to deal with tyre-kickers, time-wasters.
    • You are at the mercy of professional con-artists, asking for a test drive or trying to haggle and pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.
  2. Selling your car as a Part Exchange.

    You can negotiate a part exchange with a dealer which can be very useful and convenient. But you need to agree to buy a car from them before they even consider giving you cash for your vehicle. But if you try to sell a car that doesn’t match their profile, they’ll end up paying you less for it because they will pass it on to a different dealer. So how do dealers decide how much my car is worth?

  3. Selling your car online with Wizzle.

    We think that the best way of selling your car for cash is to use an easy, straightforward and free car selling platform like Wizzle. You can get valuations from lots of dealers looking to buy your vehicle for the best price. Just upload your vehicle's details, get lots of offers from different dealers, and choose the best.

    Selling your car for cash can be a hard and often scary process, selling privately, or as a part-exchange has both good and bad points. We built Wizzle as a way to maintain the good points, like working with trustworthy professional dealers, while still getting you the best price possible.

    • Quick, easy and free car valuations.

      Our five-minute process is all it takes to do a quick appraisal and privately broadcast your vehicle's details to our network. We have 1,000’s of dealers all over the country looking for people who want to sell their car for cash today!

    • Transparent Offers.

      Because the Wizzle app uses cutting edge technology, it helps guide you through a professional quality appraisal that presents your car in the best light where dealers can value it in confidence. The first step in the process of selling your car with Wizzle is getting it in front of dealers, complete with pictures and a condition report. They will be able to give it a cash value once they know the exact specification and condition. You can be confident of getting a clear and transparent price.

    • Sell cars with fast payment.

      Our trusted and approved dealers will always pay the cash agreed for the car before they take it away. When you're selling your car with Wizzle, you can be safe in the knowledge that there will be no surprises down the line.

    • Free collection.

      Our dealers don’t expect you to come to them when you're selling a car. They’ll come to you! Once you have agreed to sell to one of our dealers, they arrange a time to collect it from you at home or work for the price you agreed.

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