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How to sell my car online using Wizzle

So the time has come and you’re asking yourself how do I sell my car? Well there’s really three options for you to choose:

Selling your car privately

A popular method of selling your car is to use local ads,, or simply putting a note in the window to sell your car yourself. You can get a great deal for your car this way as long as you consider a few things. Tyre-kickers, time-wasters and professional con-artists ask for a test drives, can force you to haggle, and pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.

Sell your car with a Part Exchange

Selling your car to a car dealer using part exchange can be very useful and convenient. Normally you need to agree to buy a car from them before they’ll even consider giving you cash for your car. But if you try to sell a car that doesn’t match their profile, they’ll end up paying you less so they can pass it on to a different dealer. I want to sell my car, but how do dealers decide how much my car is worth?

Sell your car Online with Wizzle

We think that the best sell your car for cash is to use a simple, easy, and free car selling website like Wizzle. You can get valuations from lots of dealers looking to buy your car for the best price. Just upload your car details, get lots of offers from different dealers, and choose the best.

Selling your car for cash can be a hard and often scary process. Selling your car privately, or through part exchange can have both good and bad points. So we built Wizzle as a way to keep the good points of using professional dealers but also getting the best price like in a private car sale.

Quick, easy and free car valuations

With our 5 minute process, you can sell your car with a quick appraisal, and privately broadcast it to 1,000’s of dealers all over the country looking for people that want to sell their car for cash.

Transparent Offers 

Because the Wizzle app uses cutting edge technology, it helps guide you through a professional quality appraisal that puts your car in the best light where dealers can value it in confidence. The first step in the process to sell your car with Wizzle is getting it front of dealers, complete with pictures and a condition report. They will be able to give it a cash value once they know the exact specification and condition. This means you get a clear, transparent price and can sell your car in confidence.

Sell cars with fast payment

Our trusted and approved dealers will always pay the cash agreed for the car before they take it away. This means that when you’r selling your car with Wizzle, you can be safe in the knowledge that there will be no suprises down the line.

Free collection 

Our dealers don’t expect you to come to them when you sell your car. They’ll come to you. Once you have agreed to sell a car to a dealer they’ll arrange a time to come and collect it from you at home or work for the cash you agreed.

I would definitely recommend Wizzle. Simple, clear, easy to use and I got a good price for my car. I tried a few other online valuers. They give you a price and the knock you down from there. With this one, bids kept on coming in and the price kept going up until I accepted a bid I was happy with. Oh, and they came and picked the car up from my house. No complaints at all.
- Richard Clough
Exceptional service, I highly recommend it and will definitely use it again. Very easy to upload advertisement, had almost instant responses and an offer at the requested selling price within 48 hrs. Purchasing dealer phoned promptly and collected the following day, a very nice polite and professional Gentleman,paying the full amount into my account within 20 minutes of arrival and no fees or charges either.
- Laurence Manley
Wizzle was amazing! The layout of the form easy and straightforward; able to stop at any point and be taken back to the same place without having to start from scratch; direct lines if questions needed to be asked - Jim, who I spoke to most - was so pleasant, as was Natasha. Wizzle were so exceptional that because I had agreed to accept an offer, I actually turned down a higher offer because I had given my word to such lovely, helpful people.
- Lesley McCusker
We sold our BMW 1 series through Wizzle. It was a fantastic experience. Within 48 hours of listing we were offered a great price which was followed up by prompt collection and immediate payment. I could not recommend this service high enough. It must be the easiest and most hassle free way to sell a car. Thankyou Wizzle
- Jacqueline Gallagher
Very simple and straightforward process to sell my car, beating the starting prices offered by 'webuyanycar' and similar companies. The sale was completed at home by a very professional dealer, following a discussion with the Wizzle office and more very helpful people. The whole process felt more personal with no sales pressure - I'd highly recommend Wizzle!
- Nick Fellows
It was very easy selling my car through Wizzle. Yes, you do have to take photos and answer lots of questions about your car but this means potential buyers have all the information they need. Wizzle don't pester you, they just phoned to ask me if an offer was acceptable and gave me information about the prospective purchaser. If you want to sell your car easily just give Wizzle a ring - mine sold in a few hours.
- Sheila Trinder
It was a pleasure working with you to sell my car and a much better service than the other websites. As you get the right people who want my car and not just any car at a cheap price, so keep up the good work.I will recommend you to others as a very good website.
- Jeff Deacon
Sold my little car yesterday with the help of Wizzle. Delighted with the whole process. Well presented and easy website to use. The car dealer offered a fair amount on my car. We arranged a time for him to collect it. The full price was paid. I am delighted. Quick and easy.
- Penelope Lynn
Very pleased with whole process offered by Wizzle. Got the price I wanted for my car. The money was in my account before the garage picked up the car. Would highly recommend Wizzle to anyone who wants to sell their car quickly and easily.
- Stephen Galbraith
Wizzle were very easy to deal with and provided a platform to sell my car to trade that was straight forward and transparent. I sold my car quickly for a fair price. I would definitely use them again.
- Rachel Craig
Seamless experience no stress they just do it all for you. It is still selling to a dealer so expect dealer offers but Wizzle will go to bat for you to get the best dealer price possible.
- Steve White
Easy to use, convenient way of selling a used car. If you are truthful about the condition then the transaction with a dealer is simple. In general seems to result in a return approximately equivalent to a trade in value.
- Ian Yemm
Really helpful and supportive throughout the whole process of selling my car. Made things a lot less stressful. Would definitely recommend.
- Jennifer Hedge
Just used to sell my car, and I couldn't believe how quick and easy it all was. Highly recommended, and the next time I sell a car, I will definitely try Wizzle first
- Joe Tobin
A painless way to sell a car quickly, very business like and without the odd and sometimes menacing strangers who seem to turn up when selling!
- Michael Griffiths
Excellent service, easy to use and I sold my car in hours. Overall a service I will definitely use again when selling a car.
- Richard Markham
Absolutely Amazing Company, Especially The Staff, They Arranged Such A Quick And Easy Sell, Customers Service 10/10!!!
- Jordaan Williams
Used wizzle to sell my car very professional and great service would highly recommend
- Andrew Wells