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How does a Dealer decide what price to offer?

Your car is ultimately worth what someone is willing to pay for it. So it’s our job to make your car look as attractive as possible. Wizzle helps you build a professional quality appraisal to show off your car to 1000’s of dealers. This is the best way to get the most most money for your car. When a dealer wants to buy a new car, they will be thinking about lots of different things…

  • Type of car – Firstly, dealers will consider the make, and model of your car. They’ll also think about the engine size, if it takes petrol or diesel and the body style. For example, in the Summer you can get more for a convertible car than in the Winter. If your car is manual or automatic, it can make a big difference to the price too.
  • Age – If a car is still new and has only had a few owners, it’s going to be worth more than a much older one. But, some cars (like classic cars), can actually worth more money if they are older.
  • Service History – To get an idea if the car has been looked after, dealers can look at the service history. A car that has a full service history with a record of each time it went in to the garage, shows that the car has been well looked after and is probably in good condition. Whereas a car with no service history is much harder to price. If a service is overdue, the dealer has to take this cost into consideration.
  • MOT Status – Having a valid MOT makes a big difference in the cars value. Although there are dealers who will buy a car without an MOT, these are certainly fewer. To get the most for your car when you sell it, make sure there is a valid MOT on it with at least 30 days left.
  • Driving or Mechanical Faults – A car that runs smoothly without any funny noises or issues will be worth more than one that has major faults. Problems that don’t impact on the cars safety, like if the air-con is faulty, are less of an issue. However, significant problems make a car worth much less. Dealers have to factor in the large amount of money they need to spend on the car to get it safe again.
  • Warning Lights – Cars with no dashboard warning lights attract the best prices. Warning lights like a service light or bulb warnings attract slightly lower prices. But, any cars with major warning lights (like brake system lights, or air bag lights) will have a tough time getting good prices.
  • Fancy Extras – Cars with the highest specification and trim level tend to get better valuations. Sunroofs, satnav, parking sensors, climate control, Bluetooth, and leather seats can substantially increase the value of a car. Certain colour schemes will also impact on how much a car is worth. For 2016/17, Wizzle statistics show that white cars are currently the best sellers.
  • Wheels & Tyres – Cracked alloys and worn tyres can cost a lot on some cars to put right. Generally the bigger the wheels, the more expensive they are to replace or fix. Dealers pride themselves on selling cars with good wheels and tyres. So if they have to pay a lot to get them in a good condition – they will not be able to offer as much for a car.  Many dealers have special “wheel workshops” for this reason.
  • Overall Condition – This is a tell-tale sign of the overall value of a car. This is where a good car dealer can shine. Using their experience, car dealers take pride in their ability to judge the worth of a car on it’s overall condition. A clean, good looking car, with everything working as it should will always get the best prices.
  • Online Guides – Once a dealer has weighed up the value of a car, they often double check their prices with a trade-based car valuation guide. This is most likely an online service that uses a number of measures to value a cars current worth.

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