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Exploring the Range of Pure Electric Cars for Sale in 2021

2021 will see a rush of new electric cars for sale across the United Kingdom, as car companies strive for market share, and governments continue to regulate. In this second of two articles, you can discover what's on the horizon and see what each of the major manufacturers will have to offer you in terms of pure EV motoring during the year.

Lexus UX300e

In March 2021, be on the lookout for the first electric production car from Lexus. The company has strategically placed the UX300e so that it stacks up against some of its premium competitors while ensuring it is still eligible for the UK government's vehicle grant.

If you're looking for more, you can take advantage of the "Premium Plus" pack or "Takumi," featuring leather seats, heated steering wheel, an upgraded sound system or a 360° camera. However, these upgrades will push the vehicle over the grant threshold.

According to the manufacturer, this Lexus can accelerate to 62 miles an hour in 7.5 seconds on its way to 99 mph. Power comes from a front-fitted motor with 200 bhp on tap. You can plug into a rapid charger at home to get 80% of the range in 50 minutes.

The UX300e will be one of several new electric vehicles for sale in 2021 from the Japanese conglomerate, and you can buy this one from £43,900.

Mercedes-Benz EQA

Problems with battery cell supply have forced Mercedes-Benz to postpone the launch of its all-new EQA until sometime in 2021. When it does arrive, this crossover will sit on the same platform as the GLA, and there will be two variants, with the drive to the front or all four.

You may have noticed other models in the EQ series, including the larger "C", and the upcoming, seven-seater "B." Mercedes intends this particular model to be a compact crossover in the lexicon of the industry.

According to M-B, the most potent option in the range will have close to 270 bhp, and you should reach 62 miles an hour in five seconds. Quickly charge your battery to 60% in the time it would take you to have a cup of tea, and expect 250 miles with a full charge.

Marketers have not announced a price as yet.

Nissan Ariya

While Nissan was undoubtedly quick out of the blocks when it introduced the Leaf, it's taken the Japanese company some time to launch another EV. However, this all changed in early 2021 with the arrival of the Ariya, but unlike the Leaf, this is a premium SUV loaded with new technology.

Five versions will go on sale across the country in front-wheel drive and four-wheel-drive configuration. The company promises more than 220 miles on a full charge from the entry-level model, with 250 miles and a whopping 390 hp from the best four-wheel-drive variant.

Inside, you will notice some huge digital displays and numerous driver assistance aids as standard. While they haven't announced a price here either, expect it to be north of £40,000.

Skoda Enyaq

Skoda may be one of the last major manufacturers to commit to building electric cars for sale, and consumers eagerly await the initial result. The answer in the form of the Enyaq iV will come in four or rear-wheel-drive form, with a performance model promised to boot.

The Enyaq is a large SUV with plenty of space inside for the bigger group. You can select your own interior design from several suggested packs. On the road, move from 0 to 62 mph in just under nine seconds in the entry-level Enyaq or shave that to 6 seconds in the 300 hp, four-wheel-drive sportster.

Buy this electric Skoda from late spring 2021 for an RRP of £33,450.

Tesla Model S Plaid

If you're looking for some real performance when you consider electric cars for sale in 2021, Tesla has you covered. The Model S Plaid can give you a top speed of 200 miles an hour on a test track and get you to 60 miles an hour in under two seconds! Tech-wise, Tesla continues to be the uncontested trailblazer in the EV market as well, and the American company will fit three motors to this car, to produce more than 1000 hp.

If you're not worried too much about the power but need to focus on the range, you're unlikely to beat the 520 miles quoted on a full charge. They'll configure this vehicle as an all-out sports car to boot, with spoilers and splitters to help keep it planted.

The Model S Plaid should be available towards the end of 2021 for a price of £130,980.


If you love coupes and believe that manufacturers do not serve you well in the electric vehicle market, turn to Volkswagen. You'll soon find the ID.5 in a showroom near you, which is basically a coupe version of the ID.4, also slated for release in '21.

As in the ID.4, you'll get a single battery/electric motor configuration that will take you to 60 miles an hour in 8.5 seconds and produce 200 hp. Range wise, expect about 300 miles between each charge, and there will probably be several different versions, like the ID.4.

The boxy .4 will seat five comfortably, but you will have less room to move around under the swooping roofline on the .5. This crunch probably explains why VW will not sell this version to the space-hungry American market.

ID.5 should retail for £45,000, a little more than the .4.

Volvo XC 40 Recharge P8

Volvo has an army of loyal supporters, and it's no surprise that the Swiss manufacturer has won so many awards over the years for its style and safety approach to motoring. Now Volvo will reward those fans with an all-electric P8. It'll hit showrooms in four-wheel-drive form, with twin electric motors and a combined power output of 400 hp, and you can speed to 62 mph in five seconds.

Expect 260 miles on a full charge in a vehicle that is, outwardly, very similar to the conventionally powered donor. There's a lot of seating and storage room inside with plenty of driver aids in that all-important safety department as well. 

Expect less powerful and less costly versions as the model finds its feet, or be prepared to pay almost £60,000 for this one in the meantime.