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7 Seater Cars for Sale in the UK: Entry-Level, Hybrid, Full-Size and Luxury

Here are some of the 7 seater cars for sale in the United Kingdom in the second of a two-part series. Each manufacturer has at least one model as part of its range as these companies aim to capture the family segment or provide options for those who like a lot of room onboard. If you want to buy a 7 seater car but need to explore your options, you'll want to closely look at each offer. So how do some of these vehicles stack up, from entry-level to hybrid, and from full-size to luxury?


Renault Grand Scenic

If you're looking for style, then you will rarely be disappointed by Renault. The French manufacturer has always tried to be cutting-edge in the looks department, and the Grand Scenic has flowing lines and sexy, oversized alloy wheels.

Underneath the bonnet, you can choose from diesel or petrol engines from 1.3 L to 1.6. Several different trim levels are also available, but you have to go towards the top of the range for leather trim and other tweaks. Otherwise, the interior may come off as a bit bland.

If space is a priority, you'll be happy with the Grand Scenic. It's more than capable of dealing with an all-adult payload, so will more than compensate for the average UK family.

When considering cheap seven seater cars for sale, Renault's MPV comes in with a starting RRP of £23,800.


Toyota Prius Plus

The Prius is the granddaddy of them all and, believe it or not, has been around since 1997. The company pioneered the full hybrid sector, and the model went on to become the world's top-selling vehicle. Today, the Prius Plus is a bulked-up version and offers seven seats to the eco-friendly family group, with a surprising amount of space inside that would make the TARDIS feel inferior.

Equipment levels on board are reasonable for the price range, and there are many upgrades available. However, if you go all out, you may find the total bill too sizeable for the sector.

The petrol/electric hybrid in the Prius Plus has a 1.8 L engine, electric motor and continuously variable transmission. It's very responsive with plenty of instant power for acceleration, although the suspension may feel a little firm.

Your environmentally friendly 7 seater from Toyota has an RRP of just under £28,000.


Nissan X-Trail

Nissan has an entry in the large SUV segment in the form of the X-Trail. You'll find options with seven seats, and while it's not the biggest in this arena, there is still plenty of room for all-adult passengers and their baggage.

Inside, the X-Trail has a lot of equipment as standard versus its competitors, with multiple driver aids or active systems.

At the business end, you can choose from a 1.7 L diesel (front or all-wheel drive), or a 1.3 L petrol, with front-wheel drive only.

You can buy this 7 seater allrounder from Nissan soon, with an expected RRP of £26,800.


Land Rover Discovery

If you're searching for a luxury 7 seater SUV for sale, the Discovery is certainly a contender. You will be buying into some serious off-roading heritage as well although admittedly, this is less of a concern for the family buyer in Britain today.

Some may worry that the Land Rover's love of dirt driving may compromise its ride quality, but this is not the case. The air suspension setup delivers on twisty backroads or motorways alike. You'll find an adequate amount of power as well, no matter whether you choose the 2 L petrol, similarly-sized diesel or the 3 L V6.

The Discovery is also very stylish and certainly doesn't look out of place in any urban environment. It's reasonably equipped inside as standard, but you may need to pay for a significant upgrade if you want all the bells and whistles.

Each of the seven seats can comfortably accommodate an adult, and this is one of the most versatile luxury 7 seater cars for sale in its class. Look for an RRP starting price above £50,000.

Mercedes GLB

Mercedes has placed the GLB into the medium-sized, premium SUV market, and here, it has few peers. It's got that "Merc" look that is not for everybody though, and there are certainly some sleeker options around, but there is adequate space for your seven passengers inside.

As you'd expect from this German manufacturer, the interior looks well made although once again, you may need to pay handsomely for wanted upgrades. This price hike is particularly the case when it comes to the infotainment system.

Power-wise, you can choose the 200 model with a petrol engine or the 220 diesel with sensor-driven 4Matic transmission. If you're looking for outright performance, you will want to select the AMG version with associated trim levels.

Mercedes lists the GLB from £34,000.


BMW was one of the first companies to cross the line between practical and sporty when the SUV concept was still an outlier. Since then, the Bavarian company has perfected its range, and the X5 is undoubtedly a front-line contender in the luxury sector.

This 7 seater now features air suspension as standard (on most variants), and plenty of driver aid technology. The handling is surefooted, dynamic and agile, and if you're an enthusiast at heart, you should choose the M Sport suspension package for some real fun.

If you're like many people, you may be confused by the range of options available. For example, what's the difference between the M50d and the 30d M Sport, or the 40d MHT M Sport? Suffice to say that there is something for everyone from a performance and trim level point of view. From the six-cylinder diesel or six-cylinder turbo petrol base models you can move all the way up to a plug-in hybrid, which is at the top of its particular class.

There is a reasonable amount of room inside but not as much as the Land Rover Discovery in the same sector, and you can expect an RRP in the £60,000 range.