Wizzle FAQ's

Yes you can, but you will get less for it. A small number of dealers will offer to buy cars that aren’t running. But due to the unknown cost of repair, you will most likely get substantially less for a car that is not running than if everything was up and running.

Yes you can. It doesn't matter where your car was originally built, if it's a good car in working order, a dealer can offer for it. Car buyers talk about import cars in one of two ways, a “Grey Import” means the car was bought outside the EU and “Parallel Import” mean the car was bought from within the EU.

Yes. When you sell a car with outstanding finance to a dealer, you'll need to know the settlement figure from the finance company. If your car has positive equity, the dealer will first pay the finance company any outstanding money to settle the finance. You will be paid the remainder of the sale price once the finance company has been paid. You can even sell your car if it has negative equity.

Yes. When the dealer buy a car with negative equity, they will need the settlement figure from the finance company. If you owe more to the finance company than the offer for your car, you will need to pay the full amount of outstanding finance to the dealer in order to settle it.

Yes you can. You can choose to take the number plate off 'retention'. This means that you can sell the car, but you get to keep the number plate for future use. The DVLA charges £80 to take a number off a vehicle like this, and you can take a number plate off a car at the gov.co.uk site,Take a registration number off a vehicle. This is best done prior to the dealer collecting and paying for your car.

When you agree the sale of your car with a dealer they must pay you quickly. When dealers sign up with Wizzle they agree to our fair payment policy. This means you will get paid on the day of collection, this is normally done by bank transfer with cleared funds and happens before your car leaves the drive. 

Yes. When you've agreed the sale of your car to a dealer, they will come and collect your car. Free pickup from anywhere that suits you is a very important part of Wizzle. The winning dealer will find out where you want the car picked up from. It could be home, your work, a family members house. Then they'll come to you and collect it personally or use a specialist vehicle collection company.

When you put your car on Wizzle, we ask you for your name, number, email and postcode. We always store your details securely. We don't like spam, and we don't think you do either. We use your email and phone number so we can send you new offers on your car. Normally we use email, but from time to time we may phone you (which is why we like to know your name ) - especially if there's something we can do to help you get a better price. Every week, we invite dealers to take a look at cars local to them. Your address means we can match your car to the best local dealers and ask them to check out your car, so you can get more offers.

Absolutely not. When you choose Wizzle to help with the sale of your car, we only pass on your contact details to Dealers who make you an offer. We will always treat your details with care and respect.

Yes. A dealer is not legally allowed to buy your car without the log book. This is also known as the Registration Certificate. It is the colourful document that you’ll have been given when you first got the car. If you've lost your V5 - don't panic, you can request a new one from the DVLA by filling out a V62 form. It'll cost £25 and will take about 2-4 weeks.

Some dealers will buy a car with an expired MOT and some wont. Having a valid MOT on you car will improve the price you get and the chances of selling. It's worth having your most recent MOT certificate to hand when the dealer collects your car but as this information is availble online nowadays it is not essential.

Yes you can. As long as you have at least 1 month left on your road tax, you can cancel it and get a refund. If youtell the DVLA you've sold your car, any full months left on your tax will be refunded. If you pay by Direct Debit, this will be cancelled automatically. You will get a refund cheque for any full months left on your tax.

You can cancel the car insurance as soon as it's collected by dealer. Dealers have their own special insurance that kicks in the moment they collect a car. Let the insurance company know you're selling your car so you don't pay for any insurance you don't need to. know you are to the insurance company, and tell them what's happening should be able to let them know.

There's none of the usual faff and we aim to get more money in your back pocket. By listing your car on Wizzle, you can compare offers from thousands of dealers up and down the UK. We found that this gets our customers more money for their car, instead of accepting the first price that a local dealer offers. Wizzle tries to get a fair deal between fair customers and fair dealers. With our cutting edge appraisal tool, we believe that you can show off your car in an honest way to some of the best dealers in the country.

We have a code of conduct that dealers must sign up to before they can use Wizzle. We closely monitor all our dealers to make sure they give the high levels of service that you require. If they fall short of this high standard, we ban them from using the system. If you feel you've been unfairly treated or you have an issue with a dealer,we want to know. You can call us on 01202 835991 or email support@wizzle.co.uk. We promise to take all necessary action.

Wizzle is part of a specialist motor trade company called AUTOD2. They have been part working in the automotive industry for a number of years. AUTOD2 is a highly respected company in the motor trade. Many national dealers and garages around the UK rely on systems built by Wizzle's sister companies. This is the same cutting edge technology that Wizzle is built with. Wizzle is here to bring truth, honesty and transparency to the way we buy and sell cars in the UK.