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eBay UK Motors or Wizzle - Lets compare.

The rise of eBay online marketplaces

eBay was first launched in the United States in 1995 by founder Pierre Omidyar under the original name of AuctionWeb. It allowed anyone to open an eBay account and start listing your items for sale with the option to accept payments with a credit card online. They had plenty of sellers with international shipping options so weren't limited to customers in the US only, so they quickly became a global success. It wasn't until 1997 after their 1 millionth sale that they rebranded. In 1999 they began to expand globally launching the eBay UK website - as well as sites in Germany and Australia. Today you can find eBay stores operating in 180 countries worldwide. You'll discover all kinds of things inside eBay's full site, some brand new or used, and others even sold as spares or repairs. The eBayUK site generates about 800 million visits per year with some people operating full time e-commerce stores on their site and others just trying to earn a bit of extra cash on the side.

Expanding into the automotive sector

eBay Motors, the online automotive marketplace was introduced in April 2000. It became a direct competitor to existing online motoring platforms like AutoTrader offering sellers the chance to auction their cars as well as having a classifieds section. It's relatively simple to create a listing on their website or by downloading the eBay UK App.

You have 3 options when setting up a listing with eBay Motors UK:

Selling on the eBay cars for sale section can be time-consuming and frustrating at times. With time wasters and people asking lots of questions with no intention of buying. The most common issue people complain about is buyers just not showing up or making contact after winning an auction. Or if they do show up, the buyer tries re-negotiating on the price. So if you are not experienced at selling this way it can be a bit overwhelming. The positive of using the auction format is that if you get more than one interested party, they can end up competing against each other and driving up the price.

What are the drawbacks of sites like eBayUK?

There are also risks using eBay Motors UK that you should be aware of as some people have lost money because they fell victim to various frauds and scams. There is even a website dedicated to detailing the user horror stories of selling on eBay, so it's worth reading to make yourself aware of the types of tricks some buyers and sellers attempt.

On eBay UK, cars incur advertising or selling costs, and it is not cheap either with fixed prices for adverts and final value fees applied to auction listings. A standard classified advert costs about £14.99 with no guarantee of finding a buyer. You are also not covered by their seller protections. If you opt to run an Auction instead this incurs extra costs. While it is only about £10.00 to create your listing, they charge an extra 1% on the final sale price. So on a £20,000 car, you could be looking at additional fees of around £200.00. There may also be extra costs if you use payment services like PayPal etc. Getting these fees refunded in the event the sale does not go through is also a pain and difficult to prove that you didn't conduct a deal outside the system. Requiring you to go through their lengthy dispute process via there resolution center.


Why we believe Wizzle can help you

We believe the selling process should be hassle-free. We don't think it's fair for consumers to pay to put their vehicles up for sale either. That's why on Wizzle we've made it FREE to list cars you want to sell. We don't charge you anything! No admin fees, No payment fees. No catches!! If you still can't believe it - our reviews, from real sellers say it all.

Wizzle has thousands of buyers who are always looking for new stock. All our buyers are trade only professionals and vetted by us to ensure they have legitimate businesses. They are the real experts in knowing the true market value of your car because they have years of experience in buying, selling and valuing vehicles and do it every day. We believe in transparency on both sides. If you provide accurate details about your vehicle with nice clear photos of the condition our dealers can offer you the best price. You get to see the dealer bids, and bid amounts are honoured because they can make accurate calculations based on the car's condition. That's why we are confident we can get you more for your vehicle than other cash for car websites because you are selling directly to the experts.

The Benefits of using Wizzle to sell cars are:

  1. It's FREE, and there are no hidden fees.
  2. No Hassle, No Timewasters or Tire-kickers.
  3. It's safer dealing directly with professional buyers.
  4. Our buyers collect from you, so no need to leave the house.
  5. Safe and speedy payment direct into your Bank Account.

So before paying for an advert with eBay cars, you should try Wizzle for FREE today!