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What Car? Valuation Service

What Car Valuation

What Car? is an automotive website and monthly magazine published by Haymarket Consumer Media. First published in 1973 it has been recognized as one of the best informative consumer magazines. It is aimed primarily at car buyers keeping them abreast of what's hot and not in the new and used car market.

What Car? provides information mainly for car buyers but also for car dealers. With a section dedicated to highlighting some of the best deals currently available for buyers, it is easy to research the vehicle you are looking for or similar cars. They have been writing what are regarded as some of the industries best in-depth car reviews for over 40 years because they look at everything from comfort to costs, performance to practicality and safety to standard equipment. Their News and Advice section is also helpful and worth checking for anyone who is car buying or selling with lots of useful motoring tips.

They do have a free car value section that is powered by CAP-HPI under their What Car Valuation tool section. It's free but only available for cars registered since 1998. You have 3 valuation options whether you are buying, selling or insuring. It's quick and easy, just a couple of simple steps that require only a registration number and the current mileage. The What Car valuations offer guides for 3 condition grades: poor, average and excellent, giving you an idea of the price of the car that you might expect to pay or sell your vehicle for in a private sale or through a trade deal. If you are selling they give you estimates for part exchange and selling privately. Their figures come from CAP (Car Auction Prices) so are derived from the prices dealers are paying at auction. The retail prices provided are made with some assumptions based on what they think a dealer would then sell it for, but they have no data of actual sale prices or any discounts made by the dealer. Bear this in mind when using this information when you are buying or selling.

Remember that like all car value guides; a What Car? valuation is only an estimate. There are lots of other factors that can influence what your car is worth. Such as market conditions, how much demand there is, how common your vehicle is will all affect its value too.

Free valuation tools available.