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Car Valuations with Parkers Price Guide

Parkers GuideThe Parkers Price Guide was designed to be a comprehensive consumer car price guide. It contains a full range of used car prices, including all popular modern cars (2010 onwards) along with detailed data and specifications.
It is compiled by specialists and independent motor trade experts, who get their data from motor auctions, forecourt sales, and private sellers. They claim to monitor approximately 1.5 million car sales each year, about 10% of all UK car sales.

Established in 1972, The Parkers Guide has been a monthly publication used by car enthusiasts for many years. It is available in most good newsagents currently for £5.99 or as an annual subscription.

You can also check the Parkers car price guide online via their website. Find out your vehicles estimated value in the Parkers Guide using their used car value calculator for free. They have valuations for most cars built since 1997 but beware they assume an annual mileage usage of 10,000 miles per year. It is possible to get a more accurate price guide if you pay for their premium valuation which allows you to adjust the mileage and various optional extras your vehicle may have. Not all extras will increase the value of a car though.
Their valuation will give you an idea of what your car could fetch in a private sale in either good or bad condition.
They also give you some dealer guide prices:
1. What a dealer is inclined to offer you as a part exchange assuming the best condition.
2. What an independent or franchised dealer is likely to try and sell it for (not what they would offer you). Keep in mind the costs a dealer may incur having to collect it, repair and valet it and add a warranty to it.

Remember that like all valuations; the Parkers Guide is just that, a guide. An indication of your vehicle's fair price. There are lots of other factors that can influence what your car is worth. Such as market conditions, how much demand there is, how common your vehicle is will all affect its value too.

Free valuation tools available.