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HPI Check - UK Vehicle Provenance Checks

HPI Check is a service that focusses on what the trade calls a vehicle provenance or vehicle history check. It is provided exclusively by HPI in the UK. HPI pioneered the vehicle history check in 1938 and are considered the industry experts in vehicle checks. They are designed to help to protect buyers from motoring scams and fraud. Helping guard against vehicle cloning by checking the chassis number (VIN) and log-book (V5C) details.

These lookups reveal vital information about a vehicle's history such as:

  1. Checking Vehicle ID - Chassis Number (VIN).
  2. Checking for any Outstanding Finance owed.
  3. Checking the Police National Computer for Stolen Markers.
  4. Checking Insurance Companies for ABI conditions.
  5. Checking for Mileage discrepancies (NMR check).
  6. Vehicle Safety Recall Checks.

The HPI Check service is available online at To get started you just need your vehicle registration number. They are confident in the accuracy of their car check data that they offer £30,000 guarantee.

If you are wondering where you can get an HPI car check for free, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free HPI check online. They are only available as paid for services, so beware of anyone advertising as such.

People often confuse an HPI check with Free DVLA lookups like the MOT History and Tax lookup services. These are freely available for anyone to use, you can read more about vehicle checks here

HPI Valuation Services

Solera UK, the parent company of HPI, acquired CAP for £295m in November 2014. They went onto merge the 2 brands in 2015 to form CAP-HPI. CAP obtain their valuation data from a variety of sources including car auction houses, finance companies, insurance companies, and car manufacturers. Using such a broad source of information means that CAP-HPI is considered the market leader in providing valuation guides.

HPI Valuations offer free car valuations for consumers at and provide 4 market values depending on who is buying or selling the car.

  1. Retail - The original vehicle value when the car was new.

  2. Private Sale - The market value of a car when buying or selling to a private individual.

  3. Trade-in - The trade-in value is the price a dealer might offer for a car in part exchange for another.

  4. Forecourt - The car price you could expect to pay when you buy directly from a dealer.

They also offer a subscription-based service for trade users to access their valuation services. This includes the much more detailed CAP valuation data.

The data in an HPI check will help any potential dealer looking to buy a car decide on its suitability for their stock profile. And guide them in their decision when making an offer.


HPI Check

The other trade guides that a dealer uses to help value your car are…