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Glasses Guide - Valuations with Glasses Car Guide

Glass's – Glasses Guide was the very first vehicle valuation system used by dealers and the motor trade. Created in the 1930s by William Glass, they produce valuations for various vehicle types. They are now part of the Autovista Group. Their prices are updated daily to reflect fluctuations in used car prices in both the private and commercial vehicle sectors.

They currently produce 4 valuation guides for the industry:

  1. Car Guide App
  2. Commercial Vehicle Guide
  3. Caravan Guide App
  4. Motorcycle Guide


Glass's uses a car valuations tool developed over that last 80 years that uses a primary/secondary model structure. Using this start point of their valuation process, they apply their curved rate of depreciation then overlay the previous months' market activity, econometric factors and short-term market sentiment, to create a comprehensive set of reliable, justifiable quality market products. They provide the dealer with 3 condition based price guides High, Average, Low. Also, give them an indication of how much it would sell privately for and what the part exchange value is.

How they measure accuracy


They no longer offer any free valuation products or one-off valuations for consumers. Focusing purely on trade only products which are available to users in the following automotive sectors:

  1. Fleet Leasing and Finance.
  2. Vehicle Insurance.
  3. Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers.
  4. Vehicle Dealers
  5. Bodyshops & Assessors.

GlassNet Radar

Their proclaimed premium product offers Live Retail Pricing data, powered by Radar. Saving dealers having to trawl classified adverts to work back the estimated retail cost. The Radar product searches 8.4 million, trade only, real-time adverts. In seconds it produces an average Live Retail Price for that car, locally or nationally, and the average number of days it takes to sell.

It will also tell a dealer:

  1. Which of their competitors is stocking a similar vehicle?
  2. How much they’re asking for it.
  3. How long it’s been on their forecourt.
  4. If they’ve changed the price.

Find out how to contact them by viewing the site at


Glass Guide


The other trade guides that a dealer uses to help value your car are…