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With Wizzle, you can get free car valuations. Using the Wizzle system, you can get no obligation valuations from thousands of dealers in the UK who want to offer you the best prices for your car.

We don’t use automated pricing like other car buying companies. This doesn’t reflect the true value of your car. But, with so many dealers and traders competing to buy your car with Wizzle, you can be sure to get an accurate car valuation. Any offers on your car are then emailed to you. No hassle, and no pressure. If you are comfortable with a valuation and offer from a car dealer, you can accept it. The dealer will then arrange quick collection and fast payment for your car.

Instead, we use thousands of real dealers and traders who study your car precisely, taking everything into account. The Wizzle system helps you give buyers all the information they need. This helps you get a much more accurate car valuation. How does a dealer decide what price to offer?

After you have finished a Wizzle car appraisal, buyers looking for a car like yours will often double check with motor trade price guides. This helps them get a more accurate price that considers the specification and condition of your car. The trade guides that a dealer uses to help value your car are…


CAP – Car Auction Prices (CAP) started out in the 1970’s and has gone on to become a market leader in trade car valuations. CAP obtain their valuation data from a variety of sources including car auction houses, finance companies, insurance companies and car manufacturers. Using such a wide source of information means that CAP can provide a valuation guides in three main areas of the automotive industry: CAP Black Book for passenger vehicles, CAP Red Book for commercial vehicles and CAP Green Book for motorcycles.

GlassGuide – Glass’s was the very fist car valuation system used by dealers and motor traders. Created in the 1930’, they also produce car valuations for various types of cars. Their prices are updated daily to reflect fluctuations in used car prices.

DeltaPoint Market Values – is a valuation service from Autotrader. It works in a slightly different way to both CAP and Glass’s. A DeltaPoint value uses searches of Autotrader to look for similar cars. It uses this data and provides a range of car valuations based on specification and a desirability.

HPI Check – HPI is a service that focusses on what the trade calls “vehicle provenance checks”. Unlike traditional valuations, a provenance check focuses more on things like Outstanding Finance, Stolen car lists, insurance write-off’s, Mileage Checks, and How many previous owners cars have.

Experian AutoCheck – Much like HPI, Experian provide the AutoCheck tool to be used as part of an overall Car Valuation. These checks focus on if a car has any outstanding finance (i.e financial agreements or negative equity problems).

With all information coming from all these tools, car traders and buyers can give you the best car valuation on  how much your car is worth.