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How do I value my car in the UK? Start with online value checks.

Need to value your car? If you are buying or selling or even insuring a vehicle, our vehicle valuation guide will show you the different ways to assess your vehicle and the pitfalls of each. We will show you which method is more suitable depending on your requirements, and if you are selling, we'll show you how and why Wizzle can find you a potential buyer and get you the best deal.

To complete a free car valuation online, you will need:

  1. Your Registration Number.
  2. The current mileage (odometer reading)
  3. Know the Service History and where (Main Dealer or Independent Garage)
  4. Know the Mot Expiry or Due Date.
  5. Have some idea of the Vehicle Condition.

New cars may not yet need an MOT or have reached their first service date/mileage. Some free valuation services will assume it has a complete Service History and MOT and is in excellent condition so you may need to adjust your valuation accordingly. It's important to note that a lack of service history or any missing services will negatively affect the car value as there is no way to prove how well the mechanical elements of the vehicle have been maintained.


If you are getting your vehicle insured and need an estimate of you car's value then you probably only need a quick and instant online car value calculator, something like a Confused Valuation or Motorway Valuation provides an automated car value check. Simply enter your number plate and mileage, and they will get you a list of computerized prices for you which will be close enough for most purposes. Their car price guide is usually based on the assumption your vehicle is in excellent condition. If you need to get a classic or rare vehicle insured, then you should definitely use a professional car value estimator.


If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, then we would recommend looking at some of the free consumer price guides and car valuation calculator tools available. These offer an online valuation to the public and will give you a good idea of the price of the car and what you should expect to pay if you are thinking of buying from an independent dealer or private sale. Most of their prices are taken from car sales at auction and forecourt sales from around the UK. We go into more detail on each one below:


For sellers, we believe the best place to get a car valuation guide is from an online selling platform like Wizzle. We show you some automated prices as a guide and give you an idea of the car trade-in value if you were to consider a part exchange. This doesn’t reflect the real value of your vehicle, so we use thousands of real dealers and traders who study your car precisely. Because the Wizzle process takes you through a full vehicle appraisal, we have a clearer picture of the condition of your vehicle.

The Wizzle system takes everything into account and enables you to give buyers all the information they need.
This helps you get a much more accurate car value. How does a dealer decide what price to offer?

Our dealers and buyers who are interested will then provide you with sensible offers. They use professional valuation tools that are not freely available to the public, coupled with their experience of the industry they are best positioned to know the value of your vehicle.

The trade guides that a dealer uses to conduct a car valuation in the UK are:

If you are happy and comfortable with an offer, you can accept it.  No hassle, and no pressure. The dealer will then arrange a quick collection and fast payment into your bank account.

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