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Car dealers ready to buy your car on Wizzle

Who’s going to buy my car?

Car dealers, car buyers, and garages can all buy your car with Wizzle. Both independent and franchise dealers can buy your car. But moreover we only allow professional and trusted dealers to use Wizzle. This means that Wizzle dealers are polite and fair. Car dealers are sometimes shown as the bad guys, but we think this is wrong. The car dealers we know are caring, helpful, and above all they want a good deal for everyone.

Will car dealers actually buy my car?

Yes! Wizzle helps loads of people every day to sell their car to dealers and garages. It’s the fast, easy, and free way to get the best price for your car and it really works. The cars sold with Wizzle go for the right price, and on average they sell in about 3 days.

How do I get the best price ?

Each car dealer, garage, or car buyer that uses Wizzle can bid on your car like an auction. So as soon as you start the process to sell your car with Wizzle, car dealers can see the details and photos you took. As a result, we’ve developed a special car appraisal system – AUTOi that the dealers can use. It helps them to find the best cars – like yours – to bid on. So if you want to get the best price for your car, make sure you follow the process, take some great photos and be honest!

Free pickup from anywhere

We’re really proud that if you sell your car with Wizzle, all our dealers promise to pick up your car for free. No matter where you are, the dealer will pick up your car from wherever you want. Once you decide to sell, the dealer will arrange a pick up date with you over the phone. From your home, work, or even your Auntie Jean’s house!

Will dealers chip away at the price?

‘Chipping’ is a bad type of buying practice that takes advantage of good people. First, a good price is offered, but when the salesman comes to see you, he finds a hundred reasons to knock the price down. It’s a practice we don’t like at all. We always try to make sure the price offered to you is the price you’ll get. This is something we take very seriously and if you ever feel you’re being treated unfairly by a dealer, tell us straight away … we’ll sort them out.

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