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AutoTrader UK or Wizzle - How do we compare?

Auto Trader is usually the first place people think of when they have a car they need to trade. Which is understandable as they were one of the first printed classified magazines advertising used cars for sale in the UK. At the time their only real competition was Exchange and Mart, and for a long time, they were really the only option for consumers to advertise their cars for sale. With a history spanning nearly 50 years, they have a well-established reputation in the second-hand car market.

The rise of the internet in the '90s saw them move onto the world wide web and establish a digital presence. Auto Trader first launched their website in 1995 allowing users to buy, sell and search vehicles online. The AutoTrader used cars section is ideal for anyone looking at buying a car from private sellers. It allows users to search using various filters to help find the exact vehicle they are looking for. They later opened up their site to allow car dealers and autotraders with cars in UK dealerships to advertise their stock online. They even provide traders with services to host their own websites for them. The Auto Trader UK online channel took off while the print editions became less and less popular. The last one being published in June 2013. They have since grown into a massive company with revenues of well over £300 Million in 2017. As well a providing a platform for sellers to advertise their vehicles, they also have a valuation service which as explained here is not always that accurate.

The Auto Trader Group has done very well by charging users to advertise cars for sale on their platform. But as a consumer, there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer the first time if at all. So it can become an expensive exercise trying to get your car sold this way. On top of that, you may have to deal with a lot of time wasters, tyre kickers. Also, you're potentially exposing yourself to fraudsters who prey on those who are nervous and unsure about the entire process involved in getting a car sold.

This is where Wizzle comes in, we don't think consumers should have to pay to advertise their cars for sale. That's why with Wizzle it's FREE. We don't charge you anything! No admin fees, No payment fees. No catches!! If you still can't believe it - our reviews, from real sellers say it all.

Wizzle has thousands of buyers who pay to use our system, and they are always looking for fresh stock. All our buyers are professionals and vetted by us. They are the real experts in knowing the true market value of your car because they have years of experience in the buying, selling and valuing vehicles and do it every day. That's why we are confident we can get you more for your car than other cash for car websites because you are dealing directly to the experts.

The Benefits of using Wizzle to sell cars are:

  1. It's FREE, and there are no hidden fees.
  2. Hassle free, No Timewasters or Tire-kickers.
  3. It's safer dealing directly with professional buyers.
  4. No need to leave the house, the buyer collects from you.
  5. Quick, safe payment direct into your Bank Account.

So before paying for an advert with Auto Trader, you should try Wizzle for FREE today!