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What are some of the alternatives to WeBuyAnyCar?

Most people have heard of, and they have captured the market with their well-known TV adverts and jingles. They were one of the first companies to launch an online car buying service way back in 2006.

Buy simply entering your registration number they provide an online valuation for your car. Then you can book an appointment to visit one of their drop off centers to have your vehicle inspected and negotiate on the original price quoted.

They enabled consumers to sell their car quickly and forgoing the bother of selling privately.
The downside was naive users often ended up losing out:

WeBuyAnyCar needs to make a profit like any company. In turn, they are owned by British Car Auctions (BCA Marketplace Plc) who also need to make a profit when selling your car onto dealers. This inefficient system is the main reason you the customer ends up with less for their motor if they choose to sell this way. They also have a complicated transaction fee structure and faster payment fee if you don't want to wait days for the money.



We Want Any Car

WeWantAnyCar was one of the first online car buying companies to appear and compete against WeBuyAnyCar.
launched in 2009 and have a very similar business model and are now one of the largest online car buying sites in the UK.

They have several drop-off points around the UK where you can take your car, as well as offering a collection service. They charge a fee based on the final agreed price when the sale is complete, with money transferred directly into your bank account.

Cox Automotive acquired them in 2013, to help supply their subsidiary company Manheim UK vehicle auctions.



Money4yourMotors started their car buying service in 2010 and have a network of 'on the road' buyers who can visit you at a location of your choosing to inspect your car. They also give you option to drop-in to one of their collection centers dotted around the UK. They charge a fee based on the price of your car when the sale is complete, with money transferred directly into your bank account.

In 2015 they were acquired by the Manheim Group to help further supply their vehicle auctions.



The Car Buying Group

One of the newer and faster-growing entrants to the market are who launched their car buying site in 2014. They offer a free home collection service and have also built up a small network of drop-in centers around the UK. They'll pay you £50 more if you are dropping your car off. They don't charge any admin fees and offer instant payment into your bank account.

Aston Barclay car auction group acquired them in 2018 in a bid to compete with the other large vehicle auction houses in the UK.



Wizzle - a new hope

It is beneficial for the consumer to have competition in the used car market place since these WeBuyAnyCar alternatives challenge their dominance and prevent a monopoly in the 'car for cash' market.

At Wizzle, we believe we can still improve the marketplace for the end user. Enter your reg, and we can provide you with instant online valuations from all these competitors. Saving you from trawling all these sites yourself and providing you with a hassle-free way of finding a buyer for your car online. Perfect if you need a quick sale.

But to get the most money for your car, you need to sell it to the buyers who source their stock from the auction houses above where your vehicle usually ends up

Wizzle connects you directly to trusted professional car buyers that would be buying your car from these vehicle auctions — saving you time and money.

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