About Us

A faster, easier, and fairer way to sell your car

We’re a small team of people that got sick of hearing about people getting ripped off when they sold their car. So we came up with a better way to sell your car for more. We came up with Wizzle.

None of the usual faff. No haggling. No dodgy dealers sucking their teeth – we made Wizzle to get a better deal for you, and a fair deal for the trader.

Wizzle uses cutting edge technology to help you sell your car. Our industry leading ‘car appraisal tool’ means you can show off your car to thousands of dealers around the country and compare the best prices. This helps you avoid those massive car buying companies that take advantage of you and buy your car well under market prices.

Our CV
Together, our team has years of professional and technical experience in the motor trade and digital tech industries. We’ve developed Wizzle to help you get the most for your car with the minimum fuss. Combining our knowledge of the motor industry with modern technology means we’ve found a solution to help you put more money in your pocket.

In short
For the benefit of our customers and the automotive industry, we aim to treat you and your car with the attention, consideration and respect you deserve.

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We’re not robots – honest.