New Videos - How To Sell Your Car On Wizzle

If you've checked out our YouTube channel recently you might have noticed we have created two helpful videos explaining the best way to upload your car to Wizzle. In part one, Jim, our resident car appraisal expert, is walking through the process with one of our lovely sellers. You'll learn what to include in the condition report, what sort of damage you'll need to list and any extras it's good to mention.

In part two, Jim goes through the photos process, which is particularly useful for showing you the best angles to photograph your car from.

In case you can't watch the video right now, you can have a read instead:

Hi, we’re Wizzle. And this is Jim.

He’s going to show you how quick and easy it is to list your car on Wizzle. First, you’ll enter some basic information into the app and then we’ll ask you a bit about the condition of your car.

You’ll need to pop down any damage to your windscreen, including chips and cracks. Then it’s onto the bonnet, and you’ll just need to put down any damage to the front and bumper, using the handy sliding scale.

It’s a good idea to crouch down so you can see better, then get nice and close.

Then you’re going to want to take a good look at the wheels and alloys. Have a little feel of the tyres, and check they don’t seem too worn.

Next, the sides, and you’re looking for any dents or damage to the doors.

Like you did with the front of the car, you’ll want to have a quick look at the back, checking the boot and bumper for any signs of scuffs or dents.

Make a note of any additional damage. For example, this customer’s car had a bit of a scuff under the petrol cap. It’s no big deal, but it’s just good to be as accurate as possible with the condition report.

Carrying on now with the interior, you’ll be looking for any obvious signs of damage, including cracks in the upholstery. Then a quick look at the roof and we’re done! The next part is taking some photos, which Jim will show you in another video. Thanks for watching, we hope to see you and your car very soon!

Hi there, welcome back! Jim’s now going to quickly run through how to take the best photos of your car to upload to Wizzle.

The app will guide you and you’ll have the option to take photos as you’re going through, or upload ones you’ve already taken.

For the front of the car you’ll want to stand straight-on, making sure you get the windscreen, bonnet and bumper in the shot.

When you take pictures of the sides of the car, again, you want to make sure you get them from a good angle. Ideally, we want to see the whole side of the car, including the wheels.

We’ll need a photo of the interior of your car, and it’s best to try and include the wheel, seats and dashboard.

On to the wheels now, and we’ll just need a nice close-up shot.

The last shot we’ll need is the rear of your car, and like you did with the front, you should aim to get much in as possible.

It’s also worth taking some photos of any damage you’ve mentioned, for example close-ups of scuffs and scrapes.

Once you’d got the photos all sorted, you’ll just need to enter a couple more quick details and you’ll be good to go! When your car has been approved you’ll be sent a link to your dashboard, where you’ll be able to keep an eye on questions from dealers and watch the offers roll in!

This customer’s car received four offers and sold for a great price!

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