Your Most Embarrassing Breakdown Stories

According to First Car, the most common reasons cars break down are as follows:

  • Flat battery

  • Flat tyre or a tyre blowout

  • Keys locked in the car, or lost

  • Electrical fault, including engine management system faults

  • Transmission failures, including clutch

  • Running out of fuel

  • Blown head gasket

  • Starter motor issues

  • Other engine problems

  • Mis-fuelling

First Car is a magazine and website for new drivers. They recommend that no driver be without breakdown cover.

We were interested to hear some of your breakdown stories, and we found that in several cases you were more concerned about missing out on dinner than you were about your car! To be fair though, we don't blame you.

Spare a thought for Lyd, who shared this heartbreaking story with us.

"I once broke down in a McDonald's drive-thru, right after getting my order. My chicken nuggets went cold while I waited for help. It still brings a tear to my eye."

You have our sympathies Lyd.

Oprah crying

Continuing with the theme of missed dinners (sorry, I didn't mean for this post to take such a tragic turn), Chloe shared this sad tale with us.

"I was in a friend's car and we were driving to TGI Fridays, when her tyre actually burst (inner tubing and all)! By the time it was fixed, we had missed last orders for food."

Girl clutching head in despair

Unfortunately for poor Beth, she experienced her first breakdown while she was still learning!

"I broke down after going round a roundabout the wrong way (eek!) and was referred to as a 'blockage' by the local radio traffic news."

Talk about an experience that would put you off driving forever!

Man looking horrified

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to abandon ship, as Mel L-S found.

"I traveled to a town I rarely visit to watch my friend's kids while she went to a doctor's appointment. We went to the gas station and my car started steaming. I couldn't get it fixed for two days, so I had to abandon my car and rely on my friend for rides.

Good news is, she also fixed the car for me because she's a legend."

Mel, your friend's a keeper!

Woman overwhelmed by emotion

You know things are really bad when your car breaks down so much you're on first name terms with the RAC man, which is exactly what happened to Steve, from Hampshire.

Man looking awkward

Mel B got herself stuck in an awkward situation when she broke down in the driveway of a stranger's house.

"I was a delivery driver for Domino's during my third year of university, and I drove a crappy old Rover 100. One day I delivered some pizza to a really fancy house, and my car broke down in their driveway. It was a problem with the immobiliser, so I couldn't even sit in the car without the alarm going crazy. The family kindly let me sit in their study and gave me some chocolate, so the situation definitely could have been worse. But still, pretty embarrassing having to loiter in a stranger's house."

Man shaking his head in despair

Have you got an embarrassing story to share?

Maybe you've had an experience so mortifying you feel you have no choice but to sell your car and give up driving forever. Fear not, Wizzle's got you covered!