The Five Best Things About Owning A Car

I'll be honest, there are plenty of days when I want to sell my car and give up driving forever. When my car fails its MOT and I get slapped with an eye-watering repair bill, when I'm running late and frantically chiselling ice off the windscreen, or to be honest, anytime I'm stuck in traffic.

But ultimately, I love driving and wouldn't trade my car in for anything.

Summer drives

It's easy to hate driving in the rain, fog and snow, but let's be honest, is there any better feeling than a lovely summer drive in the sunshine? Window open (or top down, if you're lucky!), great music on the radio, the smell of cut grass in the air. For me, that's the closest I get to that 'start of the summer holidays' feeling I got as a kid.

convertible car by the beach

Spontaneous 2am drives

You know how it is. It's 2am and you have a sudden hankering for a Big Mac. Hello drive-thru McDonald's! Or how about a late-night Tesco shop? Nothing beats it. Just don't blame us if you go for lightbulbs and toilet roll and come back with nothing but Krispy Kremes and a bag of Wotsits. Them's the perils of the 2am supermarket dash.

man shopping for junk food

The freedom

This surely goes without saying, but isn't it just the best being able to go anywhere, anytime? We definitely take it for granted, but have a think about the last time your friend text you at 11pm because she was having a bad day, and you hopped in your car with a bottle of wine and some chocolate to cheer her up. Or the last time you went anywhere on a Sunday without having to worry about replacement bus services.

See? It's pretty great, right?

friends having a sleepover

Having your own little bubble

I love long drives by myself. I put on some great music and enjoy concentrating on driving. It's one of the few times you can be completely unreachable, and I don't know about you, but I love that.

Woman driving, happy

The responsibility

OK, now hear me out. For many of us having a car was our first taste of adulthood. I was still at sixth-form when I got my first car, and suddenly I had to worry about paying for fuel, car insurance, tax, and a whole bunch of other things I'd never had to think about before. For the first time I felt like a proper grown-up, driving around town in my little Rover 100. Think back now and I'm sure you'll agree - it felt pretty awesome!


driving like a boss

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