We've Compiled A List Of Your Most Embarrassing Driving Stories

If you've ever made a tit of yourself behind the wheel, rest assured, you're not alone. We've compiled a list of your most embarrassing driving fails, and believe me, some of them are extremely cringeworthy.

Free parking

"After I'd just passed my driving test I was in a car park, but I hadn't bought a ticket. I saw the warden, panicked and went to drive off. Normally you would drive forwards and turn the wheel but I just turned the wheel and drove straight into a barrier. I completely dented the side of my car! I left with a bang, the complete attention of the parking warden and my mum laughing uncontrollably next to me."

- Eve Z.

Man cringing

Apparently car park barriers are made for crashing into...

Multi-storey mishap

Not long after I'd passed my test, I drove into Birmingham city centre (where I'm from), following my friends car. She parked in a multi-storey and I'd never been in one before. I found a spot and just went way too far forwards and crashed into the metal barrier on the side. It made a massive noise and everyone stared at me!

- Melissa S.

woman sighing

Call me maybe

"One time I was heading home from school and was stuck in traffic, blasting Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe'. I was singing at the top of my lungs and before I knew it I'd rear ended the guy in front of me! Luckily it wasn't serious, but I cringed when he said that he'd 'call me maybe' - so embarrassing!"

- Patti M.



Going a roundabout way

"I was in a car park the other day and got totally confused about where I was going. Before I knew it I was driving out the exit which, thanks to an annoying one-way system, meant I had to drive all the way up the road, round a huge roundabout, back down the same road, round another huge roundabout, and finally back into the car park. The whole fiasco took about 10 minutes and my friends were laughing at me the entire time. I wanted to sell my car there and then and never drive again!"

- Dave B.

The shame!

What are the chances?!

"I was driving to the shops, came to a junction and indicated to turn right. Suddenly someone in front of me starts yelling and waving his hands angrily at me. I realised then that right turns weren't allowed, but it was too late to do anything else. I made sure nothing was coming and quickly turned down the road, hoping no-one else had noticed.

That's when I realised that my driving instructor was behind me and saw the whole thing."

- Sarah W.

Are you kidding me?

The X Factor

"I was driving along with a really cheesy ballad playing. I'd stopped in traffic and was singing along. And when I say singing along, I mean properly giving it some welly - clenched fists, air mic, the full shebang. I realised far too late that someone was crossing the road, had stopped in the middle and was actually just a couple of feet away from me, laughing his head off."

- Mel B.


An old stick in the mud

"I went camping and was somehow the only person who managed to get my car stuck in the mud entering and leaving the campsite."

- Danny P.

I can't even


Done something even worse and need to sell your car out of pure shame? Give Wizzle a try! And tell us about it in the comments, we like a good laugh!

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