The Ultimate Monday Morning Playlist

Monday mornings. We all hate them but sadly, despite our best efforts to avoid them, they always find a way to creep up on us.

Lorelai Gilmore gif

If, like me, Monday mornings make you want to fling your arms in the air crying, 'Sod this, I'm going to sell my car and buying a one-way ticket to Spain,' fear not, for we have the perfect solution.

Brighten up your morning commute with our pick of the very best feel-good songs, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Jump, Van Halen

80's Hair Metal at its very finest, with the most epic keyboard solo ever. Fact.

Shoop, Salt-N-Pepa

Shoop shoop ba-doops shoop ba-doop.

Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry

An oldie, but a Goode-y.


Call Me Al, Hot Club De Paris

A fantastic cover of Paul Simon's classic song. Perfect for singing along at the top of your lungs. If you don't remember the lyrics to the verses we don't blame you (they're insane!), but we reckon you'll be alright with the chorus.

Jump Around, House of Pain

I mean, this one doesn't really need an explanation does it?

Life is a Highway, Tom Cochrane

You'll almost feel like you're driving an open-top down Route 66, rather than down the A338 in the rain. Almost.

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

This one's pure cheese, but I defy you to listen to it without smiling. Just go on, try.

Black Betty, Spiderbait

If you want something full of energy (and just a little bit shouty), then look no further.

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