6 Easy Ways To Cut The Cost Of Running A Car

We all know that running a car is expensive. In fact, insurance providers Elephant have estimated that it can cost up to £4,500 per year! But fear not, there are a few simple ways you can help cut costs. 1. Drive more economically There are a few ways to reduce your fuel consumption:

  • Don't drive with unnecessary weight in the car. Remove your roof rack if you're not using it, clear your boot out if it houses half your shoe collection (guilty!) and don't drive with a full tank of petrol unless you need to.

  • Turn off your engine when you're stuck in traffic. If you know you're not going anywhere for a while, switch off!

  • Make sure your tyre pressure is at the manufacturer's recommended level. You can find this in your car's handbook, and it will need adjusting according to how much weight you have in the car. For example, if you're doing a long journey with your car full to the rafters, your tyre pressure will need adjusting from its everyday level.

  • Try and get into good habits when it comes to shifting gears, by being in tune with your car and climbing up and down the gears at the right pace. A lot of newer cars will actually prompt you to change gears.

  • If you need to cool down, it's better to drive at a slower speed with the windows open (minimal drag means this won't have an impact on your fuel consumption), and have the air conditioning on when you're going faster, for example on the motorway. Ultimately air con will impact on your fuel consumption, so it's worth bearing that in mind.

2. Get your car serviced regularly Getting your car serviced will identify any problems that may be affecting how economically it's running. Also, it will hopefully give you the chance to fix minor problems before they become more serious (and more expensive!). 3. Have one car per household Obviously this is not going to be possible for all households, but it could be worth having a sit down with your partner and discussing whether you actually need two cars. Perhaps a bit of an obvious one, but it's definitely a huge way to cut your costs. 4. Car share schemes Talk to your colleagues and see if anyone wants to take part in a ride share to split the cost of commuting. You could do this on a rota basis, and obviously the more people involved, the cheaper it will be. Some workplaces even offer their own car share schemes with incentives like free or reduced parking. It's definitely worth looking into. Friends in car5. Shop around for your insurance and breakdown cover Use comparison sites like Compare the Market to find the best price for your car insurance. Before getting separate breakdown cover check that this isn't included on your insurance policy. Don't get tricked into add-ons you don't need. For example, there's no point paying extra for international cover if you never drive abroad. Do need to have a courtesy car as part of your cover if you already have two cars in your household? When you're applying for your insurance, try to be as accurate as possible with your annual mileage. A recent study by uSwitch showed that 27% of motorists guess their annual mileage. If you're one of them you could be paying too much for your car insurance.   6. Be aware of the changes to vehicle tax Because of the upcoming changes to vehicle tax rates, if you're planning on buying a car this year, it could be worth registering it before 1st April. You can find more info about the changes here. All the more reason to sell your car quickly and safely with Wizzle! Contact us to find out more. Retro car