5 Songs To Listen To If You're Fed Up Of Christmas Music!

We're almost halfway through December, which means by now you've probably heard Mariah Carey 13,235 times and Fairytale of New York approximately 8,697.

We like numbers here at Wizzle, so we've taken the time to break down the rest of your mid-December statistics. You're welcome.

  • Mince pies consumed: 328

  • Money spent on presents for others: £0

  • Money spent on presents for you: More than £0. Much more.

  • Time spent complaining about the cold: Roughly three solid days

  • Roast dinners eaten: Twel- actually, never mind, it's not important!

As wonderful as Christmas is, there's a teenie tiny chance you might be getting a little sick of the relentless cheer by now. And with festivities starting earlier each year, that doesn't make you a Scrooge, that makes you someone who doesn't think sleigh bells are a necessary part of every song. And that's OK.

The Grinch Complaining About Christmas Music

Last week we compiled our favourite festive songs to play on your morning commute and now we have the perfect musical antidote for your Christmas overload.

So, put down the mince-pies, fling off your Christmas jumper and prepare to feast your ears on these musical treats.

Get A Move On, Mr Scruff

This one’s a firm favourite in the office. Crank it up and I guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face in no time.

Thunderstruck, AC/DC

The most epic opening to any song, ever. Fact.

This Town, The Skints

If you fancy something with a bit more of a chilled vibe, whack this on. You’ll almost forget you’re driving to work on a cold and rainy Tuesday morning.

Take On Me, Reel Big Fish

Cranking up the tempo again now with a ska cover of a-ha's classic song. An infectious belter you won’t be able to resist singing along to.

Hello, The Cat Empire

If you haven’t heard these guys before, you need to! If this song doesn’t get you pumped for work in the morning, nothing will.

Psst! You can find this playlist, complete with even more banging tunes on Wizzle's Spotify.

The Grinch