The 10 Essentials Every Car Owner Should Have

Do you know someone who’s just bought their first car? Here are a few useful things that may make good, practical gifts for them this Christmas. Just be sure to also get them something fun (no-one wants to be known as the boring gift-giver in the family)!

Or maybe, like me, you’re just terrible at adulting, and need a few essential supplies for your own car. It’s alright, your secret’s safe with me.

Woman pretending to zip her mouth shut

1. Key Finder- £19.99 for a pack of four, Very

Key FinderWe’ve all been there. You’re running 10 minutes late for work. It’s definitely not your fault (hey, you needed to get that perfect shot of your breakfast bowl because, Instagram, obvs!), but you were late three out of five days last week, and you’re fairly certain your boss is starting to catch on.

The cat’s decided your feet are his best friend, you’re pretty sure your underwear is on back to front, and there’s a good chance you only filled in one of your eyebrows.

You’re just beginning to wonder how you actually manage to keep yourself alive, when you realise you don’t know where your blimmin’ keys are. Great.

Cursing yourself for never using the key dish your mother got you for Christmas last year, you begin to look in all the usual places – the back of the radiator, inside your shoes, the freezer…

STOP. The madness ends now.

Attach the Tile to your keys and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. You can then use your phone to tell the Tile to make a distinct, high pitched noise. It’s like those old key finders you used to whistle at, except fancier. Plus it won’t be set off by high pitched laughter, music or the cat meowing.

If you’re out of Bluetooth range, you can even track your keys with the handy map feature. What more could you need?

2. Emergency Roadside Kit - £49.99, Amazon

Roadside emergency kit
No car should be without one of these in the boot. You don’t necessarily need to get this one, but you should make sure you definitely have the following:

  • Jump leads

  • Torch (either get a wind-up one, or make sure you have batteries!)

  • Hi-vis jacket

  • Hazard warning triangle

  • First aid kit

3. Travel Blanket - £5.99, Amazon

Travel BlanketIf you break down it’s essential for safety reasons that you get out of your car and stand a good distance away from traffic and any other hazards. If it’s a cold, miserable day, you’ll appreciate having something to keep you warm. You might also want to have a mac in a pack!


4. Phone Charger - £6.99, Amazon

phone chargerObviously you should never use your mobile phone while driving, but a phone charger for your car can be a lifesaver. It’s always good to have your phone in the event of an emergency, and on a long journey it’s nice to have the reassurance that it isn’t going to run out of battery.


5. Dog Travel Hammock - £39.99, Amazon

Dog Hammock with dog sitting in it

OK, now I don’t have a dog, but this seems pretty cool to me. Keep your seats clean and your dog safe in case you have to brake sharply. Winner.



6. Emergency Hammer - £6.00, Amazon

HammerIn the event of an accident you may find yourself in a situation where you need to break a window to get out of the car safely. I’m sorry, it’s not fun to think about, but in my opinion it can’t hurt to be prepared for all eventualities.

While it is possible to remove your headrest and use the metal poles to smash the windows, it’s worth noting that this could be tricky, so having a hammer to hand can only be a good thing.



7. Ice Scraper Glove - £5.00, Halfords

ice scraper gloveWorth its weight in cold for those freezing mornings. Never risk losing your fingers to frostbite again.





8. Malt Vinegar

“What for?” I hear you ask. Quick stop at the roadside fish and chips van? Emergency salad dressing? A zesty beverage?

No. (Also, if you said zesty beverage I have some concerns.)

dog looking confused

If you’re ever driving along and your windscreen suddenly looks a bit smeary, vinegar’s your guy. Sometimes wiper fluid won’t cut it, and if you’re finding your wiper blades are just making the situation worse, pull over safely and use a cloth to rub vinegar over the blades. Sounds weird, but it works.

9. Bottled Water

As well as being useful for keeping hydrated in an emergency, you may well find yourself in a situation where you need to top up your wiper fluid or radiator water. A couple of large bottles of water in your boot are never a bad idea.

10. Non-Perishable Snacks

OK, I know I’m sort of turning your car into a mobile apocalypse bunker now, but you'll appreciate having some cereal bars in the glove compartment if you ever break down in the middle of nowhere.

Just so this post doesn't want to make you sell your car and give up driving forever, I shall leave you with something silly that no car should be without:

Car Reindeer Antlers

Essential, obviously. Buy here.