The nation’s favourite driving songs have been revealed

We all love a sing-along when we’re out and about on the roads, and we will certainly have different tastes when it comes to our playlists! But new research has revealed the nation’s favourite driving song, and that honour falls to Queen for their song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

Close up of an in-car stereo

In fact, the 1979 single is one of three Queen hits to feature in the UK’s top ten favourite driving songs, meaning they are the country’s most popular in-car musicians.

The legendary ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ comes in at number three, and ‘Somebody To Love’ makes the list at number nine.

The Killers take the honour of second place on the list compiled by car leasing company OSV Ltd, with their song ‘Mr Brightside’.

Fourth on the list is ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis, followed by ‘Dancing Queen’ from Swedish pop group ABBA at fifth. Steppenwolf’s hit ‘Born To Be Wild’ comes in at number six, followed by ‘Sex On Fire’ by Kings Of Leon at number seven.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ makes the list at number eight, with his hit ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ rounding off the list at number ten.

There were also some regional and gender differences found in the results. For example, those located in London preferred Michael Jackson, whereas people from Scotland favoured Oasis and women were more partial to a bit of ABBA!

‘Bat Out Of Hell’ by Meatloaf, ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi and ‘Thriller’ from Michael Jackson were also noted as car favourites, although they didn’t quite make it into the top ten.

UK’s Top 10 Favourite Car Songs:

  1. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

  2. Mr Brightside – The Killers

  3. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

  4. Wonderwall – Oasis

  5. Dancing Queen – ABBA

  6. Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf

  7. Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon

  8. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

  9. Somebody To Love – Queen

  10. The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson

What was noted about this list is the fact that it contains some fairly hard songs to sing, meaning we really let ourselves go behind the wheel and try to hit those high notes (admit it, you’ve all done it!).

Debbie Kirkley, co-founder of OSV Ltd, said the following of the results: “The right song has the ability to turn even a traffic jam into an enjoyable experience.

“It’s great to see a mix of classic rock and pop songs feature in the top 10.

“Queen songs are regularly listed as top driving songs but it is also great to see fellow British band Oasis feature in the list.”

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