Prepare Your Car Before You Sell It

Preparing to sell your car

Are you looking to sell your car? Making the effort to get your car ready for a sale can impact the whole selling process. It doesn’t take much to make some minor repairs and give it a clean, so what are you waiting for?


The way your car looks on the outside is very important. You may have become accustomed with many of the small scratches and dents, which may have been on your car forever. If someone is looking at your car, they might be put off by them. Local garages and body repair shops will be able to help you buff out any problems. There are also some companies which will come to your home or work, to make it even more convenient.


Are there any dashboard lights which have been on for a while? This is the time to get your car running as smoothly as you can. Open the bonnet and look around the engine for oil or coolant leaks, and get them fixed as soon as possible.


Cleaning your car may be one of the more mundane tasks. You seem to collect all sorts of rubbish in your car. Start by completely emptying it out and decide what you want to keep and what you need to throw away.

Remove all the floor mats and vacuum the whole interior, don’t forgot about under the seats! Pay a lot of attention to the dashboard as this is what a driver sees the for the most time.

Freshen your car up by using an air freshener a week or two before you plan to sell it, as it might take some time to mask any odours. To clean the outside of your car, you can either take it to your local car wash or do it yourself. Pay special attention to the wheels and mud flaps as this is where a lot of dirt and grime gathers.

Selling your car is all about being prepared. So make sure you find any important paperwork you have for the car as this will need be given to the new owner or dealer.