What does your car colour say about your personality?

Everything we say and do reflects who we are. Decisions, which can seem pretty meaningless, can actually reveal a lot of intimate things about the type of person we are.

When it comes to cars we may search and buy specific brands, but the choice of colour can say a lot about who we are and what our personality is like. The colour we choose is a “psychological shortcut” for the rest of the world to know about the type of person we are.


If you have a red car you want to show the world that you are energetic, with a drive for life. You are an out-going, fun and spontaneous person (or find these qualities highly desirable). You inhabit all the traits of an extroverted person; you are confident and definitely the life and soul of the party. Choosing a red car shows that you are an ambitious person who wants to make the most of life.

A professor of colour theory at Parsons New School for Design in New York noted that an individual who picked a red car is someone who wanted to tell the world they have “something impressive to show you.”

Sometimes you can be a little aggressive in your approach and your impulsive nature can lead you to a bit of trouble. Your high energy can leave you a little restless, and you can struggle to take on people’s opinions of you, but your fiery nature will get you far in life!


Someone who drives a grey car is someone who is happy just to blend in with the crowd. They don’t see the need for a flashy display. They are a dignified individual who respects tradition and has always been mature. You are not someone who wants to achieve a high status, but alternatively you feel that everyone should be treated equally.

You can often be cautious which means you may miss out on big opportunities and larger-than-life experiences, but it also means you will not be shaken by big knock-backs. You often compromise to make everyone happy, but this means you may not be completely satisfied with the outcome, but as long as everything is fair you will happily accept this.


Silver reflects someone who is practical, innovative and has good taste. No wonder silver is the most popular car colours in the UK!

You are someone who works hard and has a good business brain on your shoulders. You love your job, which sometimes leads to you work a little too hard!

A silver car is practical because it shows up less dirt, which is great for your busy lifestyle. However, this colour may show that you try to fit in with everyone else.

The metallic styling of the car resembles stainless steel and can link to a preference for modern technology. A silver car has a sleek look, which reflects how sophisticated you are!


Blue car drivers are compassionate, optimistic, stable and honest people. By picking a blue car it shows you are a gentle and kind person who values stability, as you have picked a colour that is linked to serenity.

You have a strong sense of self, meaning you’re not easily swayed by the crowd. You are a wise person and know what you want.

You are put off by flamboyant behaviour, but you will always try to be civil and friendly to everyone you meet, and that’s why everyone likes you!


You know who you are and you don’t care what people may think of you!

You are someone who doesn’t need to keep up with the latest trends. You are happy to pick things because you like it or it’s useful to you, rather than worrying if everyone else has them too!

Green is a colour that is always associated with nature which may indicate your love and fascination of the natural world. You are a gentle and patient person who likes to go with the flow. However, you should be aware that your patience can often mean that others will take advantage of your kind-natured ways.


These earthy colours show you’re a down-to-earth person who is good with their money and very honest. Although your straight-talking ways can sometimes lead you to put your food in your mouth.

You like cars that will stand the test of time, rather than ones that follow the latest trends or come with all the flashy gadgets that others look for.


Here comes the little ray of sunshine! These colours ooze joy and happiness. If this is your car colour of choice you are an optimistic person.

You are a creative individual with a great imagination. You are wise and funny, and someone everyone loves because you are so fun to be around!

They say you’re only as young as you feel, and you are definitely young at heart.


Black is often associated with sophistication, luxury and elegance. Black cars are a sign that you are a dignified and striking person, who appears mysterious to everyone.

Black is a strong power colour and reflects how you are always in control, which ultimately means you are driven. However, a need for control means you may not be able to compromise with others.


Like wedding dresses and doves, white is associated with honesty and purity. Having a white car reflects your need for perfection, however this will often leave you desperate for a simpler life.

A white car reflects someone who is fresh, young and modern. You like everything to be clean and contemporary.


We not mentioned what colour your car is? Well, that means it probably isn’t a very common colour. So just like your car you are unique! You like to customise things to be completely yours, without worrying about what others may think.

If the colour of your car isn’t telling others who you are, it may be time to sell your car and get something that is more matching!