Watch stunt driver break Guinness World Record for fastest side wheelie in a car

You’ve probably seen stunt drivers pull off the side wheelie before, either on in motoring shows or on the silver screen in the latest action film.

But you’ve probably never seen the stunt executed at the speed shown in the video below. That’s because that car just set the Guinness World Record for the fastest side wheelie in a car, clocking up speeds of 115.742mph.

The record was set by Finnish stunt driver Vesa Kivimäki, who was behind the wheel of a diesel BMW 3-Series. The stunt was sponsored by Nokian Tires, who used it as an opportunity to show off their new Aramid sidewalls, which can clearly take a beating!

There doesn’t seem to be details online of what the previous side wheel record speed was, but that doesn’t detract from how impressive Kivimäki’s run was. There is, however, a record for the longest side wheelie in a car, which covered an unbelievable 230.57 miles!

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Main article image screenshot courtesy of embedded video