The Benefits of a Self-Driving Car

Self-driving Car

You may have seen a lot of news recently about self-driving cars. The idea sounds fantastic but would you sell your car and buy a car that drives itself? It is a scary concept, but there are many benefits of owning this type of vehicle, not just in our personal lives but also in the way it will impact society.

In 2015 there were a reported 186,209 road casualties, but self-driving cars could reduce the number of accidents which occur. Self-driving cars will take human errors out of the equation, and this should make roads safer. If accidents are reduced this will also lead to less traffic congestion. Another benefit is that the new self-driving cars will be electric, so this will cause pollution and emissions to drop.

Sensors will read a number of data inputs to control the vehicle, along with GPS and computer vision which will read road signs and traffic signals.

As the car will be doing most, or all of the driving, you will be able to make the most of your free time. The average driver spends 235 hours driving each year, so it will be particularly helpful on your morning commute to work. You can sit back and finish your morning coffee on your work journey!

Self-driving cars will be a great option for the elderly, as they will be able to increase their mobility. Some people may have also been considered unfit to drive, this could then enhance their quality of life.

Most car parks will go unused especially in city centres, so these areas can then turn these empty spaces into parks or bike lanes.

The potential for new car design is huge. There will be no need for complicated driving tools, instead it could be a comfy place to relax. The design won’t just be limited to the interior; self-driving cars look unrecognisable compared to the cars of today.

With all these benefits in mind, would you invest in this new piece of technology?

Image credit: DimiTVP, Available under Creative Commons.