Hollywood stunts brought to life with Hot Wheels

The weekend is nearly upon us, and we’ve found a lovely Friday treat for you. So, take a break from getting a car valuation and feast your eyes on this!

Many kids dream of being Hollywood stunt drivers, but that job requires a lot of practice, money and a whole lot of luck. However, one YouTube channel has taken stunt driving to the next level… With Hot Wheels toy cars, instead of the real thing!

5MadMovieMakers has posted a compilation of multiple toy car stunts such as “the Long Jump”, “the Double Roll”, “the Falling Front Flip” and many more.

All the stunts are captured using a GoPro Hero Session. The GoPro is mounted to a modified Hot Wheels car chassis, where it films everything at 120 frames per second and the footage is then slowed to 30 frames per second in post-production.

Despite this, both the toy cars and the camera car complete all the jumps by themselves, with minimal changes made in post-production.

Take a look at the video below of the blue Mercedes C-Class, the red Gazelle GT, the white Horseplay, the orange Muscle Speeder, the white CUL8R, and the black Gov’ner car, and prepare to be amazed!