Victoria Coren Mitchell to host new Radio 4 series “Women Talking About Cars”

Victoria Coren Mitchell will be fronting a brand new series on BBC Radio 4 titled Women Talking About Cars, which will feature guests Dawn French, Germaine Greer, Olivia Colman and Sarah Millican.

In the show, Coren Mitchell and her guests will talk car comparison, as well as exploring what cars symbolise to women today, as well as sharing car-related memories.

Sadly, the show will not be recorded in a car… Instead, it will take place in front of a live audience at the BBC Radio Theatre where everyone is invited to join in the discussion on the subjects of work, childhood, adulthood and life in general.

Dawn French is the first guest for the show’s launch on the 30th November, and she has spoken of her excitement at being on the show.

“It will be great to get together with Victoria for a good old girly natter about the torque stats on the BMW Luxus 850," she said.

The Commissioning Editor for Comedy on BBC Radio 4, Sioned Wiliam, commented on the show, saying:

“No doubt there will be sparkling conversation between Victoria and her amazing line up of guests which I can’t wait to hear. She's brainy, witty and I'm reliably informed, can change a tyre in under five minutes.”

The first episode of Women Talking About Cars air on BBC Radio 4 on 30th November at 6.30pm, so make sure you tune in!