What is the most popular colour of car in the UK?

There are some 30 million cars on the roads of the UK today, but how many of you know what the most common colour of vehicle is?

Many of these colours are particularly popular in the second-hand market, meaning you could be in luck if you are looking to sell your car and they are one of the colours listed below.

The information was collected from the DVLA at the end of the first quarter of 2016, a list has been compiled of the top ten most popular car colours, which are as follows:

  1. Brown

You did read that correctly; brown is making a triumphant comeback! Although brown was a common colour choice in the 70s, some 169,656 of the nation’s licensed cars have now adopted the colour, although this only represents 0.6% of all the vehicles on the roads of the UK today.

However, when you compare this stat to three years ago in the first quarter of 2013, there were only 92,226 brown motors on the roads – showcasing its meteoric rise.

  1. Yellow

Punching your mate in the arm when you spot a yellow car is going to become more scarce, as the number of yellow cars on UK roads are on the decline.

There were 172,297 yellow motors on the road according to the new data, which is a 3% drop in the same period of 2013.

  1. Beige/buff

Much like brown, beige motors are probably more commonly associated with the 1970s, but it’s a non-mover in the popularity stakes coming in at number eight. Out of all of the car colours in the top ten, beige is the only non-mover, representing 0.8% of the market in 2016 (235,683) as it did in 2013 (235,052).

  1. Green

British Racing Green is an easy colour to associated with cars on the roads of the UK, but green is becoming much more diversified among car makers. Pastel shades are now more common on smaller cars, with models such as the Fiat 500 and the Citroen C3 sporting some lovely shades.

Despite this, green vehicle sales are down by 30% compared to three years ago, representing just 3.5% of all vehicle shades on the road in 2016 with 1,066,496 – 466,563 fewer than 2013.

  1. White

The rise of the white car is being linked to the ‘Apple Effect’ where people are trying to match all of their worldly belongings to their smartphones. Whether or not this is the case, white cars have seen a huge rise in popularity.

Some 2,833,084 of the cars on the UK roads are white, which makes up 9.3% of the total vehicles - an incredible 91% increase since 2013. This had led many carmakers to remove white from their list of no-cost colour options, instead charging extra for it.

  1. Red

Red used to be up there in the three most popular car colours in the country, but those days could be numbered. Many brands are now offering red as their flat-tone, no-cost option for paint with white taking its place.

However, 10.6% of all cars in the country are red, which is a 4% increase on the first quarter of 2013 – there are 3,237,326 red cars in the UK today.

  1. Grey

Executive car brands have helped the recent spike in grey cars, with giants like Mercedes-Benz and BMW offering the colour across all of their models – including an increase in matte paints.

There were 3,710,965 grey vehicles on the road at the end of March this year, which is an increase of 21% in the same period of 2013. They now make up 12.2% of all vehicles on the roads across the country.

  1. Blue

Blue comes in at number three, but the colour itself is going through a bit of an indifferent stage – there are 5% fewer blue cars on the roads compared to the same time three years ago. However, they still make up 5,689,516 blue cars on the roads, making up 18.7% of all cars on UK roads today.

  1. Black

Back in 2010, black was the most popular new car colour, but it has since been overtaken with white being the most ordered tone for the last three years running. However, you are still more likely to spot a black car on the road than a white one.

Despite being the hardest colour to clean and the worst choice for showing up damage, nearly one in five cars are now black – 5,915,527 cars were counted at the end of the first quarter of 2016, which is up 13% on the same time three years ago.

  1. Silver/aluminium

Taking the top spot with a massive 6,841,315 registered cars on the road is silver. They account for 22.5% of all cars on the roads today, which is 925,788 more than black cars.

Despite coming top of the pile, the number of silver cars are actually in decline. When compared to 2013, there are 7% fewer of them on the roads, but as with black, it is expected to remain high on the leader board thanks to a great demand on the second-hand market, meaning its value retention is stronger than other colours.