Global electric car numbers to surpass 2m landmark by end of 2016

The number of plug-in electric cars on roads across the world is set to surpass the two million mark by the end of 2016, with industry observers stating that the electric car revolution is now underway.

Thanks to a big surge in the Chinese market, Chinese-made models have now pushed into the top five best-selling models. Europe is the second biggest market, followed by the United States in third place.

The electric vehicle market has struggled to get going, with a number of people put off by the high car prices and short driving ranges. However, EV sales have passed 1% of the whole auto market in Europe and China, with experts saying this signals a turning point.

A report from Transport & Environment published today (13th September 2016) shows sales in Europe alone have doubled from 2015 to 145,000.

In terms of the best-selling EV models in the first half of 2016, the Nissan Leaf remains in the top spot, closely followed by the excellent (but very pricey) Tesla Model S. The third and fourth spots were taken by the Tang SUV and Qin models respectively, both of which are from the Chinese company Build Your Dreams (BYD). Chevrolet’s Volt took the fifth place.

Electrical vehicles are now becoming the flagship models at many motor shows, including the Paris event which occurred earlier this month. At the show, Volkswagen pledged to deliver 30 all-electric models by 2025 with their battery ranges going up and the prices of the batteries going down.

These changes are making EVs more affordable to the masses, meaning more people across the world will be able to upgrade to an electric model. If you are someone who wants to do that, why not take a look at how our car selling app can help you to sell your current car for more?