Eight things people say when they’re trying to sell a rubbish car

When it comes to selling a car, people can often be a bit ‘light’ with the truth in their adverts. And when we say that, we mean they’re damn right lying! Below, we have looked at eight things people say when they’re trying to sell a rubbish car, so if you see these in an advert, chances are you’ll want to look elsewhere!

Good car to drive around town

Perfect, you’ve found yourself a nice little town car which is great for nipping to the supermarket or taking the kids to school. But in reality, the thing is on its last legs and chances are it’ll break down in the McDonalds drive-thru…

A perfect project/fixer-upper

There are many people out there who look for bargain cars, spend a few months fixing them up and then sell them on for a profit. However, these people are generally experienced and know what they are looking for – they don’t buy them because an advert told them it’s a perfect fixer-upper.

Project car, just needs a few finishing touches

You know we mentioned that experienced people pick up project cars to sell them on? Yeah, this isn’t one of those people… This is someone who has tried to do up a car to sell on, failed and is now trying to flog it to recuperate some of their losses. Whatever the reason may be for them bailing at the last minute, you can guarantee it isn’t simple.

It’s an easy fix

If it’s any easy fix, then why hasn’t the seller fixed it already? Because the seller has already attempted to make the fix and found it too difficult/expensive or they tried to make the fix and failed.

New brakes installed 20,000 miles ago

Brakes which have had 20,000 miles on them are no longer new… The word new has been chucked in to make it seem like some parts have been replaced recently when it fact it was probably two or three years ago. Feel free to insert whatever part instead of brakes, but they are far from new.

New tyres installed two years ago

Just like the brakes, two-year-old tyres are not new. It isn’t just the mileage added to the tyres that you should be concerned about, but if the car has been sat still for a few years, they will have some signs of damage on them. Be wary.

Replacement parts only cost £10

Once again, you can replace the value with any low sum, but chances are the part in question requires a master’s degree to replace and you’ve got no hope in replacing it. Or, the part itself is very cheap but the labour cost to replace is far greater than the value of the car. Either way, if it was that cheap to repair, it would have been done by now.

It’s a collector car

This one is pretty simple. If you are being told in the advert that the car is a collector car, then it isn’t a collector car.