Rinspeed Oasis spins on the spot and includes dashboard garden

We all know that autonomous, self-driving cars are up and coming, with every company vying to make their car different from the next by adding features that haven’t previously been attempted.

Swiss carmaker Rinspeed have done just that, unveiling their latest autonomous concept car, which comes complete with wheels that allow the vehicle to spin around on the spot.

The Rinspeed Oasis is a two-seater city car, which has a massive glass windscreen area, fitted with augmented reality technology which allows passengers to virtually ‘place’ objects and displays on the screen.

What’s more, there are solar panels on the roof and a temperature-controlled drawer on the inside which helps keep food deliveries at an optimum temperature.

And if all of that isn’t enough, inside there are two wingback chairs with a coffee table in place of the usual driving controls. There’s even a green space on the dashboard where you can grow flowers if you so wish!

Coffee tables and garden dashboards may well be the future of self-driving cars, but it is the wheels that are the most intriguing part of the design. The front wheels of the vehicle will allow the car to travel even the narrowest of roads with ease – no more 12-point turns for anyone!

The concept has been revealed ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next year, which means we will have to wait until January to find out more details of the car and how it could potentially work on our roads.

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