Kia cars will park themselves by 2021

If you’re rubbish at parking your car like the vast majority of the British public, then you might be interested in this latest development from Kia.

The South Korean car makers claim that automatic valet parking will be available on all their new models from 2021 as they work towards their target of a fully autonomous car by 2030.

They are currently testing the auto-parking technology on the Kia Soul EV. After being activated via the smart key or even a smartphone, a series of RADAR and LiDAR cameras will navigate to a nearby parking garage before finding an empty space to settle in.

This technology means you can rock up at your office two minutes before you start, jump out your car and send it off to park itself before collecting it at the end of the day. Not only does it remove the stress of trying to find a space, but also means you can have an extra ten minutes in bed and that’s clearly the most important thing!

Currently one of the biggest restrictions on this technology is that all the car parks have to be electronically mapped for the car to find a space. This will probably mean that it will be limited to office car parks and larger public car parks at first.

The Soul EV is one of 20 Kia models currently testing around the world under its Drive Wise sub-brand, which has invested billions into the development of sensors and radars as well as vehicle-to-infrastructure technology as it seeks to become a “global leader” in autonomous driving.

So keep your eyes peeled over the next few years and you might be selling your car to buy one of these fancy self-parking models. Anything for a lie in, eh!