The easiest and hardest places in the world to pass a driving test

Ah, the driving test. Probably one of the scariest experiences that many of us have been through in our lives. Sweaty palms, shaky clutch foot and erratic breathing patterns are common symptoms of this day… But you probably wouldn’t experience this in some other countries.

The easiest and hardest places in the world to pass a driving test have been revealed, and some of the tests are ridiculously easy! Take a look at them below and let us know what you think:


Legal driving age: 18

Similarly to the UK, both a theory and practical test must be taken to gain a licence in Brazil, but the practical test has been known to include defensive driving techniques that wouldn’t be out of place in a Grand Theft Auto video game…

If you fail part of your theory or practical, you are still able to drive, although you are given a restricted license – meaning you can only drive under certain conditions. You also have to undergo medical and psychological tests to ensure you are fit to drive.


Legal driving age: 18

Once again you have to complete a theory and practical test, but alongside of this you also have to complete a whopping seven hours of first aid theory! Things that you might expect to see crop up in your test include driving on a slippery track, forward and reverse slalom, breaking hard without locking your wheels and the classic three-point turn.


Legal driving age: 18

Both theory and practical are on the agenda again, but before you take your practical test you must have undergone at least 18 hours of practical lessons. Expect the chance of night time driving and a skid pan session to crop up in your test.


Legal driving age: 16-18

Not a theory test in sight in India, and if you can stump up between 500-1000 rupees (£5-£12) you don’t even have to take a practical! If you do end up taking the practical test, however, you will be expected to drive straight, turn left and then stop – none of this parallel park nonsense!


Legal driving age: 18

Practical and theory tests are both on the agenda in Japan, but alongside that, each learner also has to undergo an aptitude test that assess hearing, vision, colour blindness and overall physical fitness to drive. In the test itself, you will expect to see hill starts and reversing around an S-curve bend quite high up on the agenda.

You have to stick below 19mph at all times (instant fail if you don’t) and candidates can even fail the test for not staying far left enough in the lane or not bending down low enough when checking under the car for cats or children before heading out…

The test itself is taken on a course which resembles a real road, and with a pass rate of less than 35%, it’s got to be one of the toughest in the world!


Legal driving age: 18

Definitely the easiest test on to pass on the list, as in most places in Mexico, you don’t have to take a test at all! Simply buy any car, pay for your licence and you’re off!


Legal driving age: 18

Although you need both a theory and practical test to be allowed to drive in Pakistan, both of them can be taken on the same day, which is convenient! And although we say you need to take a test, it’s driving a small course through some cones… No wonder Pakistan have an 80% pass rate!


Legal driving age: 14-21

The road laws in America vary drastically between the different states, with some places such as Idaho and Kansas issuing learner permits to teenagers as young as 14! Regardless of what age the state allows you to start learning, you must complete a six-month graduated licence programme before you can hit the open road.


Photo courtesy of Oregon DoT on Flickr, under Creative Commons