Majority of millennials want an environmentally friendly car

According to a recent survey, more than three-quarters of millennials – those born between the early eighties and late nineties – said selling a car and buying a more environmentally friendly model would be the main action they’d take to live greener lives.

While there is no general consensus on the exact dates for when the Millennial Generation starts and finishes, the recent study from Nissan Europe covers peopled aged 18 to 34, which is probably an age group that best defines this generation group.

Facts and figures

The study of 2,500 millennials from across Europe found that they are generally willing to try new things by thinking differently about the future. The report found that their main environmental concerns were global issues, with 53% worried about climate change and 42% concerned about air pollution.

To help rectify these issues, the millennials said they are willing to make changes to how they live. 62% said they would switch to an eco-friendlier energy provider and 53% said they support brands for being more environmentally friendly.

But the biggest change they were willing to make was to their cars. 77% currently own cars, and despite not all of them being low-emission vehicles, over three-quarters said they would replace their current vehicle with an eco-friendlier model in the next 10 years. Over half said they would buy an electric car in that time span.

Influential generation

Sarwant Singh, a member of the Intelligent Motoring Advisory Board at Nissan said this of the results:

“The millennial demographic surveyed here has the potential to be hugely influential in determining the future of transport and sustainability.

“We have consistently found in our own research that they are early adopters of new technology, much more environmentally friendly than previous generations and generally willing to make sacrifices and lifestyle changes in line with their personal values and beliefs.”

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