New in-car music app launched by Spotify and Jaguar

It was announced this week that a brand new collaboration between Spotify and Jaguar Land Rover will release a new app to make your in-car music streaming experience even more streamlined.

The app will be available on iOS later this week, and will be implemented across the vehicle range. This will be a part of the InControl App library, offering the best in-car Spotify experience possible. This will allow drivers to access personalised playlists, which will have the ability to be customised to your car journey, and the touchscreen monitor makes it an absolute dream to use.

One of the aims of this app is to give an option to control their music without having to pick up their phones, causing a distraction from the road and save you scrolling time.

Although the app will be usable by those with a free subscription to the music streaming service, those who have purchased Spotify Premium services will be able to get the very best from the in-car app. It utilises the ‘offline playlists’ feature of Spotify, where downloading the playlists will mean that as soon as you step into the car and it connects to your phone, the selected playlist will begin effortlessly.

“Spotify for Jaguar Land Rover is the result of a year’s worth of collaborative development between the two companies,” commented a spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover.

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