And the award for the rudest drivers in the UK goes to…

Rude drivers. They seem to be everywhere nowadays, but a new report has singled out the area of the UK where the drivers are the rudest, and the winner is…

Bristol! It was rated worst for motorists using a mobile phone at the wheel, not indicating, swerving across lanes and speeding, according to research conducted by Privilege Car Insurance.

Liverpool ranked second in the list, with Norwich taking home the bronze. Other notable, rude offences included taking up too much space on the road, splashing pedestrians with puddles and unnecessary horn honking.

Although they topped the list, Bristolians were the most prepared to admit to their dodgy driving, with 61% admitting to having poor road manners. In comparison, only 56% of Liverpudlians and Londoners said they drove selfishly.

The full ranking of the rudest drivers can be seen below:

  1. Bristol

  2. Liverpool

  3. Norwich

  4. Newcastle

  5. Manchester

  6. Southampton

  7. Birmingham

  8. Glasgow

  9. Leeds

  10. London

Using a mobile phone at the wheel was the top rated offence nationally - which coincides with the top ten worst driving habits in the UK as found by Fuelcard Company.

Speeding and failing to indicate also ranked quite highly under rude offences. And despite us Brits being excellent at queuing, this doesn’t translate very well to the road, with nearly half of motorists admitting they skip lanes to beat the queue on the motorway and pull out in front of other drivers.

But who were the rudest individual drivers according to the study? That honour went to women over 55 years of age, with several areas ranking them top for driving too slowly and being in the wrong lane.

Meanwhile, the male population were found to drive in the middle of the road, cut corners and undertake.

Head of Privilege Car Insurance, Charlotte Fielding, had her say on rude driving, saying:

“Hopefully, the findings of this report will help remind people their actions on the road do have an impact on other drivers – it’s better to get there safely than risk injuring yourself or someone else. So take a deep breath, leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front and drive at a safe speed.”

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