Here to launch new technology to help you find an empty parking space

With the latest car technologies constantly evolving, our cars are able to tell us more than ever about the traffic conditions, roadworks, and are beginning to predict unforeseen circumstances more than ever. However, this newest service will help you to pinpoint free parking spaces so you don’t have to spend endless hours searching for a free spot!

Here, a German company co-owned by Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have launched the technology, which is based on a cloud-computing model. This model means that data can be collected from many locations and stored on a remote server for the use of mapping services, mainly focused around the automotive industry.

They plan to launch their brand new, unique services early in 2017. The concept is that all the cars will have to ability to share real-time data, through sensors and camera, mapping out every step of your journey with precision and allowing others to utilize this information to plan their best journey with accuracy and frequent updates.

All the data collected will be anonymized, and entered into a system that aims to improve the driving experience for all, and cut journey-time, stress and the hassle of having to search for an empty space to park!

The more cars available and being driven with this system, the better it will get, with the information becoming more and more reliable as the information flow increases. The more connected cars, the better the service will be!

Does this technology interest you? Maybe you are thinking that you will want to update your car to one of these new cars, fuelled with the latest smart car technology in the near future. So if you are looking to sell your car, do it the easy way through our car selling app!