Driver study reveals ten worst driving habits in the UK

A new study which questioned 1,000 drivers across the UK has revealed the ten worst driving habits of British drivers, with 52% of people found guilty of at least one of these offences when they get behind the wheel.

The research, conducted by the Fuelcard Company, found the ten worst habits include, in no particular order, driving too fast, too slow, eating or smoking at the wheel, littering out of the window, making a phone call while driving, hogging the middle lane, driving too close to the car in front, texting at the wheel or checking notifications on a mobile device.

Over a third of motorists claimed to only practice these habits when they are alone in their car. However, despite confessing their guilt, over one in four (27%) claimed to be the best driver they know (bigheads…) and 37% said that they are a better driver than their partner.

Other bad practices found during the research include 13% of people admitting to driving without wearing shoes and 31% say they sing while they drive.

The report also quizzed drivers about road rage, with 38% admitting they felt they suffered from it. According to DVLA figures, there are 45.5 million drivers in the UK, which means a massive 17 million drivers suffer from road rage!

Of course, there are some habits which are much worse than others, but any of the ones listed could theoretically draw the attention of the driver from the road, meaning they could miss potential hazards.

Commercial Director at The Fuelcard Company, Richard Brown, had his say of the results, stating:

“Some of the habits we identified seem relatively innocent, but we’d urge people to pay attention next time they’re behind the wheel to see exactly how many of these habits they’re guilty of without even realising it – they may be surprised. We’ve conducted this study to stress the importance of paying proper attention when you’re driving, to ultimately make sure our roads are a safe place to be.”

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Photo courtesy of John Greenfield on Flickr, under Creative Commons