The 20 Emotional Stages of Parallel Parking

  1. I can get in this space, no problem. OK, so the space is about an inch longer than my car, but I'm sure it's doable...

  2. Right...?

    Michael Scott from The Office, cringing

  3. I'm half in the space, I have one wheel on the kerb and I'm basically parked diagonally. Job done.

  4. Fine, I'll start again!Are you all happy now?! *Shakes fist angrily*
    Girl getting angry in her car

  5. Wow, you're acting like a crazy person. *Looks around nervously to check no-one saw mad outburst*

  6. FFS, someone's come up behind me.Why aren't they going round me?Do they just want to watch me struggle?What sort of person would do that?! What kind of world do we live in where people-Woman crying out in despair

  7. Oh OK, he thinks I'm leaving and wants my space.

  8. Can't he see how hard I've worked for this?
    Captain Kirk beating his fists on the ground in frustration

  9. He seems to be getting impatient. Maybe I should just give up and let him have the stupid space.

  10. But this is literally the only space on the road, and besides, I was here first! *Gets riled up and prepares to make a speech worthy of Braveheart*
    Braveheart raising his sword

  11. Oh, he's driven off.

  12. Right, I'm starting again. Definitely gonna nail it this time.
    Man psyching himself up in the mirror

  13. *Mumbling to self in slightly crazed fashion* Line up against the car next to me...easy does it...*turns wheel furiously*...almost there...

  14. Is the space somehow smaller than before?How is that even possible?!
    Ron Weasley shrugging in confusion

  15. *Mentally starts uploading car to Wizzle and calculating the cost of getting taxis everywhere*

  16. By George, I've done it. I've actually gone and bloody done it! This...this must be how Olympic champions feel. *Wipes stray tear from eye*
    Simone Biles receiving her gold medal

  17. I don't think I've ever felt so proud.Should I ring someone? I should definitely tell someone about this, right?

  18. No, that would be ridiculous.I'll text them a photo, they might not believe me otherwise.
    Boy winking and shooting finger guns

  19. If only my driving instructor could see me now...

  20. *Gets out of the car and realises parking space is the length of a bus*Man saying 'are you kidding me?'