Tesla update helps your pooch stay cool in the car

It is one of those things that is drilled into you early in your driving career: never leave a pet in a car on a hot day.

Leaving your four-legged friend in a hot car can be extremely harmful to them. Staying cool is tough enough as it is for dogs, as they can only cool themselves down by panting and by sweating through the pads on their paws.

But thanks to a new update from Tesla, drivers of their cars can rest assured their faithful hounds will be able to chill in the car without overheating.

With their 8.0 software update which has just been released, a feature called ‘Cabin Overheat Protection’ has been included. This is what an official Tesla statement had to say about the new feature:

"In an industry-first safety measure, we're also introducing Cabin Overheat Protect, focused on child (and pet) safety. This feature keeps the car at a safe temperature for hours, even when the car is off. This feature is only made possible by an electric vehicle with Tesla's uniquely large battery packs."

Of course, this is only available in a select few models as it stands, but it will certainly get the tongues of other manufacturers wagging, as well as keeping the tails of man’s best friend doing the same! We wouldn’t be surprised to see this feature added to more models in the future as cars look to upgrade.

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