The fastest selling second-hand cars in the UK

The used car market in the UK is going strong, showing that drivers still have an appetite for used stock. CAP HPI have revealed the UK’s fastest selling used cars and split them into sectors such as supermini and large executive.

Many of these cars sell within an average of two days – proving us Brits are still very active in the second-hand car market. We have taken a look at the winning cars in their sectors below; if you own one of the following models, selling a car with our free app will be a doddle!


The Ford Fiesta takes the crown for the fastest selling supermini. Available in either three or five-door, it is often considered to be the best handling car in its class – especially in its current form. The range also features a high-performance trim, specifically the ST, which can hit 62mph in as little as 6.9 seconds.


The BMW 3 Series Convertible ranks top in the convertible sector. As you will find with most BMW’s, the prestigious badge earns certain plaudits amongst other motorists. The newer version of the 3 Series has lovely features such as a head-up display which projects important information onto the windscreen, such as current speed.


No real surprise here as the Fiat 500 Hatchback takes the top spot for the fastest selling second-hand city car in the UK. The three-door hatchback still rocks the retro styling inspired by its namesake which launched in the 1950s. The quality interior coupled with its fashionable image has made the Fiat 500 an extremely popular car on the UK roads.


The Audi TT Coupé takes the win in the sports sector. As with many Audi’s, the build quality on the TT is exceptional, which inspires confidence amongst buyers – especially those buying second-hand models. Sharp styling, excellent handling, and the fashionable badge also make the TT a winner in many people’s eyes.

Large executive

The Jaguar XJ Diesel is the victor here, thanks to having a certain level of prestige which is only bettered by a handful of other cars. The current version offers excellent ride quality, wonderful styling and averages an impressive 49.5mpg, which is extremely rare for a car of its size.


Yes, even the supercar section has a winner! The Lamborghini Murcielago Coupé is the fastest selling in the UK, with the most powerful version featuring a 6.5-litre, 670bhp petrol engine. Its gull-wing doors make it further stand out, which is said to remind many people of the DeLorean DMC-12 (although we bet it can go a touch quicker than 88mph!).

Other notable winners are the Mitsubishi Carisma in the lower medium sector, the Volkswagen Tiguan in the sports-utility vehicle sector and the Vauxhall Ampera wins the electric sector.

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Photo courtesy of Thomas doerfer, under Creative Commons