15 of the strangest driving laws in the United States

Ah, the American road trip; a favourite holiday of many in the States, and a classic background setting for many Hollywood films and teenage dramas.

But what they do neglect to add into these portrayals are some of the bizarre and baffling road laws across the different American states. For example, did you know you cannot drive with hanging dice or air fresheners in your car in Illinois?

The auto shipping website J&S Transport have compiled a list of the weird and wonderful driving laws across the country, with some states being a lot stricter than others. Many of these are not upheld, but still on the books and make for a good laugh!

We have picked out 15 of our favourites to bring to you, let us know what you think of them in the comments or on our Facebook page!


You cannot tie your dog to the roof of a car – although this is not a statewide law! Poor pooches…


You cannot change your clothes inside of your car. Not sure how many people use their car to get changed anyway, but beware in Delaware.


You cannot beep your horn at a fair. How else do you let them know you want some candyfloss?


You cannot enter or exit a car whilst it is moving. You’ll need to practice your James Bond stunts elsewhere I’m afraid!


It is illegal to swear on the highway. All you guttermouths out there need to be careful when going to Maryland.


It is illegal to drive with a gorilla. As for other primates, it does not specify.


If you’re looking to sell your car in Michigan, you cannot do it on a Sunday!


It is illegal to have a flamethrower attached to your car. If you’re a big lover of Mad Max, Mississippi probably isn’t the place for you…


It is illegal to drive with an uncaged bear in your car. What about a gorilla?!


It is legal to ride a camel on the highway. That would save you money on petrol…

New Jersey

You must beep your horn before passing a skateboarder, presumably to let them know how gnarly they are?


You cannot footrace a car; as if you had a chance anyway!

South Carolina

It is illegal to have rubbish in your car. We all have a friend who would be in trouble here.


You do not need a windscreen to pass a vehicle inspection, but you do need windscreen wipers. Riddle me that?!


You can get a driver’s licence at the age of 14!

So if you are planning on going to America anytime soon, make sure you keep some of these in mind! Check out the full infographic on the J&S Transport website here.