Research finds UK drivers change their car more than their mattresses

Research from a UK company has found out some rather interesting information about the habits of drivers in Great Britain and how frequently they change their cars.

CAP HPI, who are a supplier of technology-driven data solutions to the automotive world, say that people are more interested in selling a car and buying a new one than changing their mattress, with the average length of time a person owns their car having plummeted in recent years.

The advice from experts is that you should change your mattress every seven to eight years to ensure you are getting the best possible night’s sleep – although the average driver gets through three to four cars in this time!

Their data also found that some car makers now see their cars turnover in as little as 24 months and a much larger increase in the number of 18-month leases in the market. This was also found to be shorter than the average mobile phone contract, which lasts between 18-24 months.

Not so long ago, it wouldn’t be uncommon for drivers to have their cars for a minimum of five years or longer, and a car was the probably the second-most expensive item a household would buy, behind their house.

But now, that has changed dramatically and dropped to just two years for millions of motorists. Thanks to many different services, including our own car selling app, selling your car and upgrading is easier than ever, giving the modern driver a much easier chance of changing models if their current one isn’t to their pleasing.

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Photo courtesy of James086, under Creative Commons