Uber set to bring electric cars to London

The ride service Uber, which allows users to order a taxi ride using their smartphone has said that some customers in the UK will soon be travelling in electric cars.

Like many who are looking at selling a car and switching to an EV, London Mayor Saqid Khan is going green and looking to lower emissions across the city.

He has promised to make London one of the greenest cities in the world, adding an extra charge for the most polluting vehicles, more charging points for electric cars and increasing low-emission buses in his plans.

Uber has said that their electric vehicle program will help address air pollution problems in London and that many of their drivers already use lower emission hybrid cars, accounting for 60% of all journeys organised by the app.

By the end of September, there will be 50 fully electric cars available for use by Uber drivers under a partnership deal with car manufacturers Nissan and BYD. This has also led to the possibility of hundreds of environmentally-friendly cars possibly being on the Uber books by next year.

The initial plan is for the 50 electric cars to be accompanied by a three-month study to look at the city’s capabilities to charge electric cars. If a larger fleet of electric cars were to be rolled out, it is necessary to see that the city could cope with charging all of them, as well as the distance not being too great between charging points.